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Northern Territory Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

The Northern Territory has almost one fifth of the total land mass but only about one percent of population. It is a place of extreme  climates ranging from monsoons and the Timor Sea, Arafura Sea, around Darwin in the North and becoming an arid dessert at Alice Springs. As one goes 1500 Km.south down its only major road the Stuart Highway, the distance is also measured by the height of the moisture controlled termite mounds which range from eight feet high near Darwin and essentially disappear just north of Alice. The rare car risks being slowed down as one watches the "Wedgies" eating the "Roo" roadkill, before taking off on their massive wings. In the north are many parks including Kakadu National Park, a treasure house of Rock Carvings , exotic bird life in the wetlands and the freshwater, seasonal saltwater, crocodiles.
A quarter of the population is Aboriginal and now they control sites such as their sacred Uluru (Ayers Rock) and above Kakadu but lease some (such as these ) back to the government. A permit is required to enter Aboriginal land and is not usually granted for tourists. Once on their land, their own laws can be applied, so be careful.



Whether on Vacation or Business sometimes you plan to use some local services. The following links will immediately give you the most useful contacts in all the major towns across the state.

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