Australian Capital Territory
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Australian Capital Territory

In 1901 Australia became a federation and the distinct colonies became member states. A location between Melbourne and Sydney was chosen to be the National Capital and called the Australian-National-Territory with the new City of  Canberra. This City/Territory has been well laid out as a majestic beautiful place with very little industry. Naturally the major attractions are Parliament House on Capital Hill, National Portrait Gallery, Aboriginal Tent Assembly, National Library, National Science and Technology Centre, High Court and National Gallery. Other National items of interest are the War Memorial, Mint, Zoo and Aquarium, and Botanic gardens.


Whether on Vacation or Business sometimes you plan to use some local services. The following links will immediately give you the most useful contacts in all the major towns across the state.

 Alarm-company, Auto-mechanics, Beauty-salon, Building-contractor, Caterer, Cleaners, Cyber-cafe, Day-care, Dentist, Door-store, Eye-doctor, Fitness-trainer, Furniture-store, Gym, Home-decorator, Kitchen-cabinets, Landscaper, Lawyer, Massage, Photographer, Private-school, Rehab-clinic, Shoe-store, Surveyor, University, Vet, Web-hosting, Wedding-store, Welders ,




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