Venezuela Luxury Travel and Vacation Guide


 Venezuela offers you more variety in landscape than any other South American country. Here you will see mountains, beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls. The climate is hot and humid, but there are more moderate temperatures in the higher altitudes.

Venezuela Attractions

City of Caracas

The Capital one of the oldest established cities in the country and is nestled in a mountain valley. There are still sections of the old town that are intact, in spite of the modern development. Visit San Jose and La Pastore to get a fascinating look at old buildings. There are many monuments, especially of Simon Bolivar, as well as old churches and cathedrals. Visit the Panteon Nacional, which contains the body of Simon Bolivar, the beautiful botanical gardens at Jardin Botanico, and several impressive museums. The Museo de Belle Arts has an impressive collection of works of art and the Casa Natal del Libertador is the birthplace of Bolivar and next door you can visit the museum that houses his war relics.

North Coast of Venezuela

Take an excursion to the North Coast of Venezuela to visit the excellent beaches and resorts. This is the main tourist destination part of the country. Visit Maiquieta, where you have the opportunity to engage in many different kinds of watersports and take a shuttle to Porlmar, another popular tourist destination. Take the winding roads through the hills and visit the small villages or visit the idyllic islands of Los Roques.

Travel to and within Venezuela

You can fly to Venezuela from most international airports. However, you do have to present a certificate of having a yellow fever vaccination before you can board the plane. Although you can drive here, it is along a road where there have been many carjackings.

You do have to carry your identification with you as there are military checkpoints checking all documents. Buses and rental cars are the main ways of travelling throughout the country, as there is no train service. Renting a car is not advisable because of the dangerous driving conditions, especially with the aggressive driving habits of this country. Taxis are also available in the cities.

Venezuela Language

Although Spanish is the official language, English, French, German and Portuguese are widely spoken.


There are many pickpockets in the cities, so you need to keep your wits about you at all times. There are also certain sections of the cities that are not safe at night. You should ask about this at your hotel. You should also be wary of corrupt officials and never give your documents to anyone.

Venezuela Food and Drink

The dishes of Venezuela usually include cumin and saffron and the vegetables have a distinctive flavor. Tequenos are a type of hors d?oeuvres made of thin dough with white cheese and then deep fried. Arepas is the native bread, which is made from ground corn, water and salt. Pabellon Criolo is a has made with shredded meat, served with fried plantains and black beans on rice. Coffee is really good here, but there are no good local beers and wines. A popular drink is merengada, which is made from fruit pulp, ice, milk and sugar.

Venezuela Shopping

The local Indian tribes make many unique handicrafts and you can buy these in the local markets. Gems and jewellery are cheap and you can buy Indian bows and arrows, hammocks and brightly colored clothing.

Entertainment in Venezuela

The major cities and towns have many bars and nightclubs. In addition, the National and Municipal Theater also puts off concerts, plays and operas.

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