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 The natural attractions of Guyana feature a relatively unspoiled land with a Dutch flavour, so that you feel as if you are visiting the Netherlands, rather than a country in South America. There are immense waterfalls, a majestic tropical forest and savanna where you can see the wildlife in its natural habitat. Tourism is not developed here as it is in other countries, but if you want a vacation where you can truly have an adventure, then Guyana is the destination for you. Late January or late August is the best time to visit if you want to see the large waters flowing over the Kaietur Falls. From October to May is the rainy season, but the temperatures are more comfortable, but if you want to trek overland, then it is bets to visit during the dry season.

Guyana Attractions

Explore the gold and diamond mining fields of Bartica, see the ruined Dutch fortress at Kyuk-Over-All and the fascinating Amerindian villages of the Rupinni Savanna as just some of the impressive sights you can witness when you visit Guyana.

City of Georgetown

The capital of the country, Georgetown, is a town where everything is reminiscent of the colonial era. It has been called the ?Garden City of the Caribbean? in spite of the fact that it is located on the Atlantic Ocean. There is a long sea wall to protect against flooding and this is a popular place for an evening stroll. See the world?s tallest wooden cathedral at St. George?s Cathedral and the Parliament Building, which dates back to 1833. The Museum of Guyana has an impressive exhibition of Guyanese paintings and the perfectly laid out Botanical Gardens and Zoo is very beautiful.

Kaietur Falls

This is the most popular tourist destination in Guyana, but you can also visit Victoria, Niagara and Iguazu Falls. The Kaietur Falls is surrounded by virgin forest with waters dropping more than 820 feet. It is an isolated area that teems with wildlife. You can take a charter plane from Georgetown to the falls or you can take a 2-day trek with a guide from Bartica.

Travel to and within Guyana

You can fly to Georgetown from cities in North America or the Caribbean. You can also drive into this country from Brazil, but the border with Venezuela is closed.

There are domestic flights between Georgetown and Letherm as well as tour companies that will take you to various parts of the country. Minibuses and taxis are also great ways to travel around and there are also ferries. You can rent a car in Georgetown if you wish to drive yourself to out of the way places.

Guyana Language

English is widely spoken as is Spanish, Creole, Hindi and Urdu.

 Luxury Food and Drink

The food reflects the influence that other cultures have had on the history of Guyana. You will get curried food from India, and African dishes such as foo-foo, which is plantains made into cakes. Portuguese garlic pork and Amerindian pepperpot are national specialties. The local beer is Banks and Demerara Rum is worth trying ? at least once.

Guyana Luxury Shopping and Safety

Straw hats, baskets and clay goblets are popular souvenir items that you can buy at the market. You can also buy Amerindian bows and arrows and hammocks. In the government owned stores, you can get gold and silver jewellery, but make sure you keep all the receipts or you may have difficulty clearing customs.

 There is a border dispute with Venezuela, so places close to this area are dangerous for travel. The police in this country are also corrupt and will not give you any help. If you travel in the cities at night, be sure to take a taxi, rather than walk the streets alone.


Georgetown has numerous bars and clubs where you can have an enjoyable night.

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