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 Up until 1951, this country was notorious for its penal colonies. The interior of the country is a jungle, while along the coast the land is a marshy plain that rises to higher slopes. Sea-fishing is a very popular activity which you can do from shore or charter a boat. It is the destination extraordinaire if you are looking for an adventure. Take treks into the interior and stay in a jungle shelter for the night. You do need to have special permission to venture into the jungle, but there are many tour groups offering this service.

French Guina Attractions

City of Cayenne

The Capital City and the main port of the country has many attractions for tourists. Here you can visit the Jesuit Palace, the Canal Laussat, which was built in 1777, and the beautiful Botanical Gardens, where you can see some of the native plants of this country. Learn about the indigenous people and the history of the penal colonies at museums such as the Musee Departmental and the Musee des Cultures. The Place des Palmistes is a lively area with many shops and cafes.

Kourou and Isles du Salut

Take a tour of the French space center in Kourou, which has a European atmosphere about it. Visit Devil?s Island, which used to be the penal colony and there is a hotel on Ile Royale.

Travel to and within French Guiana

You can fly to French Guiana from France, Suriname, Brazil or Martinique. You can travel by car or bus from Brazil and Suriname and the ferry across the Oyapoque and Le Maroni Rivers only takes about 15 minutes.

There are domestic flights within the country with Air Guyana and there are numerous passenger services on the rivers. There is a daily bus service between Cayenne and St. Laurent de Maroni. You can also rent a car in Cayenne.

French Guina Language

French is the official language of the country and only a few people understand English.

 Food and Drink

You will find cuisine from all over the world in French Guiana. The local specialty is bouillon d?aurora, a dish of smoked seafood, vegetables and chicken served with aurora, which comes from the savanna trees.

Luxury Shopping in French Guina

There are many boutiques where you can buy the unique handicrafts of the country, such as baskets, pottery and jewellery. They are open from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday. You will notice that the people here like a long luch, often lasting three or four hours.

All visitors need to present a certificate of a yellow fever vaccination and you should drink bottled water.

French Guina Entertainment

There are pubs and nightclubs in Cayenne, St. Laurent de Maroni and Kourou. In Cayenne there is a cinema that shows films in the French language.

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