Equador Luxury Travel and Vacation Guide


 See the towering Andes, the Galapagos Islands and the rainforests in one visit when you choose Ecuador as your next vacation destination. There are three geographical and climatic regions, Costa, Sierra and Oriente, and each of these has its own unique sights and sounds.

Equador Attractions


With a rumbling volcano in the background, Banos has become a tourist destination in Ecuador. There are famous hot springs here and easy access to the jungle. The Basilica of Nuestra  Senora del Agua Santa is a site to behold with the evidence of all the miracles that have taken place here. Pilgrims come on a regular basis to offer prayers of hope and thanksgiving. Built from molten rock, it features a Gothic style of architecture.

Visit the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic Institute to learn about Tunqurahua, the volcano the locals call the "Black Giant". Here you will see breathtaking photos of this natural sight. The hot springs are within walking distance of the center of town and there are many spas and baths where you can enjoy the pampering you want on vacation. Take a visit to the beautiful Manto de la Virgen, one of the many waterfalls in the area.

Walk the many trails in the hills and up towards the volcano or enjoy a trek into the rain forest. This is just one example of the delights that await you in any part of this country.

Travel to Ecuador

You can fly into the airport of the capital city of Quito. From here there are buses to all other parts of the country.

Equador Language

The official language is Spanish, but in the larger cities and popular tourist destinations most of the people speak English.


Equador Food and Drink

Experience the unique flavor of the local food when you visit Ecuador. Some of the examples include:
 "Enconado de Pescado" a fish dish with coconut juice
 "Tapao" - wheat with fish and banana
 "Arroz con Menestra, Camarón, y patacones" - rice served with lentils, shrimp and pressed green fried banana
 "Empanadas and bolones de verde"- balls made of stuffed green bananas
 "Aguardiente de Caña" a sweet tasting liquor made with sugar cane
" Coco con Aquardiente" a liguor made with coconut juice

 Equador Luxury Shopping and Safety

There are many markets where you can purchase items of all kinds from clothing to souvenirs. The larger cities have elaborate shopping malls where you can have a truly divine shopping experience.

 You May experience altitude sickness when you first visit Quito, but once you relax for a while you will feel better. You do need to have lots of mosquito repellent and vaccination against malaria. Mosquitoes are prevalent in the wet season.

Eat only well-cooked food and drink bottled water. Eat only the foods cooked at your hotel and do not eat food sold by the street vendors.

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