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 Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America and it also has the highest and the most isolated land of all the countries in Latin America. More than 50% of the people in the country still adhere to the traditional way of life, so you will get a fascinating glimpse of a culture that has not been changed by modern ways. Here you will see some of the most stunning scenery of the Andes Mountains and the remnants of ancient cultures providing you with a vacation that will make memories that will live with your forever. Because Bolivia is in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. Therefore, people from the northern climates can escape to sunshine and warm temperatures in the winter, while the summers in Bolivia are usually part of the rainy season.

Bolivia Attractions

Take a jungle trek through the rain forest or travel the routes once traversed by the ancient Incas. Enjoy spectacular climbing activities or take a river boat trip into the heart of the Bolivian wilderness. A world of fun and adventure awaits when you choose Bolivia as your next vacation destination.

City of La Paz

The capital of Bolivia, La Paz, is the highest capital city in the world. Here you will find throngs of people and just watching the sights of the city is an adventure in itself. The Iglesia de San Franscisco, which was begun in 1549, is a church with impressive mestizo and Spanish styles. Just past this church is the Witches Market, where you can buy a variety of concoctions including amulets and potions. See the diorama of the city at the Museo Costumbrista Juan de Varges and the collection of Pre-Columbus silver, gold and copper at the Museo de Metales Precioses Pre-Columbinos. The most famous peak in the country, Illimani, provides a backdrop for all this activity. Visit the hillside maze of canyons known as Valle de la Luna, the ice caves of the Zongo Valley and the most important archaeological site in the country at Tiahuanoco.

Lake Titicaca

This is the highest navigable lake in the world, with an indented shoreline and 36 islands. Two of the islands are the site of the Inca's creation myths and are revered by the native people. Visit the cathedral in the main town of Copacabana and see the reed boats of Isla Suriqui. There are stone tombs on Isla Kalahunta and it is reputed that Isla Incas is the beginning of underground tunnels that lead to Cuzco in Peru.

Travel to and within Bolivia

You can fly into Bolivia, but only a few airlines do land at the airport in la Paz. Most travelers fly to a neighboring country and take buses into the country.

There are domestic airlines that can take you to the major centers of the country. However, you should be prepared for delays and cancellations. There are no paved roads, but buses do travel throughout the country. Most of these travel at night. There are also various tours throughout Bolivia, which will take you to all the major tourist destinations.

Language in Bolivia

The main language is Spanish, but in the tourist areas there are people who can speak English. In the smaller towns and villages, however, very few people can speak English.

 Bolivia Food and Drink

There is a very varied cuisine in Bolivia with many dishes with meat, fish and poultry are blended with herbs and spices. Majao is a rice dish that contains eggs, beef and bananas. Silpancho is meat served with rice and potatoes and Empanadas are meat and vegetable pies.

Alcoholic beverages include beer and wine. The local specialty is Singanis ? a blend of pisco and fermented corn. There are also many tropical fruit juices for those who do not like alcoholic drinks.

Bolivia Luxury Shopping and Safety

There are some health issues that you need to be careful about when traveling to Bolivia. This is a country where malaria is possible, so you should make sure you have all the appropriate vaccinations. You should also drink only bottled water, even for brushing your teeth. You should also avoid demonstrations because of the possibility of violence.

The main shopping areas of all the towns and cities in Bolivia are the markets. However, there are also elaborate malls featuring all kinds of unique items ranging from the luxury to the really cheap. Shop for designer labels, gold and silver jewelery and the unique handicrafts of the country.

Bolivia Entertainment

Bolivia comes alive when the sun goes down with many bars and nightclubs. You will hear all kinds of music and you can dance until dawn. In La Paz, for example, there are many bars and pubs, discos and dance clubs and penas where you will hear authentic Andean music In addition, there are also many other types of concerts featuring symphony music and you can always take in a theatrical production ( in Spanish, of course).

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