South America Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world and home to many amazing mountain ranges, tropical rain forests, deserts, and the Amazon River. This continent has something to offer every type of visitor whether they are looking for beautiful beaches, ancient cultures or historic sites. Spanish and Portuguese are the primary languages spoken here, but many people speak English the culture of the area is one that treats all guests as royalty

 Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guina, Suriname Luxury Vacation Travel Tips

The countries of the northern part of South American are also known as "Caribbean South America" as they border the Caribbean Sea and each country has something to offer visitors year round. Colombia has some of the best backpacking in the world where you can see some amazing animal and plant life. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest mountain range along the coast and features dense tropical rainforests along its northern side. If you wish you can even see the "Ciudad Perdida" or "The Lost City" where you can see ancient ruins. Keep in mind that this is a 5 day trek, but can be much faster if you go by helicopter.

If you make your way east to the next country in the north of the continent you will visit Venezuela. In the city of Coro you can find some of the most amazing colonial architectures anywhere and you can also see one of the oldest cathedrals in the country in the Plaza de San Clemente. If you make your way to Paraguan Island you can visit the Paraguan Peninsula which has been declared a national monument. Here you can see various fauna including mountain cats, ocelots, and various species of birds.

Visit the highest single drop waterfall in the world in Guyana, Kaieteur Fall, which is 5 times the height of Niagara Falls. If you visit South American between February and July you can go to the Galibi Wildlife Reserve in Suriname where you can see 4 different species of sea turtles nesting on its beaches. History lovers should visit one of the most famous prisons in the world "Devil's Island" in French Guyana made famous by many books and movies including "Papillon" staring Steve McQueen. Currently the former jail is the center for the French/European spaceprogram.

Argentina, Uruguay Luxury Vacation Travel Tips

Lower South America starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the capital city and remains a shopper's paradise. In addition you can visit many cultural and historical sites including Teatro Colon, the world' largest Opera House. The Isaac Fernandez Blanco Museum of Spanish-American Art, the Ambrosetti Museum, and the Museum of Colonial History are all tourist attractions that cannot be missed when visiting Argentina.

For the tourist who likes to relax in the sun, Uruguay is the place to visit. This country features 300 miles of sandy beaches along the Atlantic and also has beautiful hot springs. In Montevideo there are nine major beaches for tourist, but you can also enjoy other activities casinos, art festivals, clubs and many historical sites.

Brazil, Paraguay Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Also know as the "Marvelous City", Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city harbor is truly scenic and features its rocky outcrop known as "Pao de Azucar" or "Sugar Loaf". On the other side is the Corcovado peak the jewel of the Rio skyline. It's not a far trek from any hotel to enjoy one of Rio's beautiful beaches including Pepino, Botafogo, and Leme. Boattrips up the Amazon River, for a while only for the backpacker, are now made comfortable by riverboats complete with gambling, reminiscent of the Mississippi during its heyday.

Paraguay features some great attractions for tourists to the area. Along the Paraguay River you can visit the Botanical Gardens, a small zoo, or even play a round of golf. You can also book a tour to visit the beautiful Iguazu Falls and Salto Crystal Falls or even go up river to Villeta. Another popular tourist activity is to follow the "Central Circuit" which is a 125 mile route that showcases some of the cities most famous sites around the capital.

Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile (Western South America) Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

The city of Quito in Ecuador has one the most impressive sites in the world, the Pichincha volcano which overshadows the city with its two peaks, Ruco and Guagua. Quito is also a city where you can see colonial Spanish culture at such sites as the cathedral in the Plaza de la Independencia which is the oldest church in South America.

Peru is a South American country that has more to offer than most countries in the world. This country has beaches, rain forests, deserts, archaeological ruins, and many other historic sites. If in the city of Lima you can visit the Plaza de Armas, which is the main square, has gardens and a bronze fountain. Outside of the square you can also visit the Archbishop's Place, Town Hall, or the Palacio de Gobierno which are all elegantly built.

The State of Santa Cruz in Bolivia is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. Located near a tropical rain forest it is a great place to fish, swim, or simply observe nature. Other sites that you don' want to miss while visiting Peru include The House of Coins in Potosi, The Colonial Museum in Oruro, and Lake Titicaca in La Paz. The Golden Pantiti in the Bolivian jungle has many navigable rivers to explore as well.

A visit to South America would not be complete without a visit to Chile's waterfalls at Laguna de Laja. The Lake District is also a place you will want to visit if you want to do some great fishing. The Pacific Islands off the coast of Chili are also worth a visit if you have time. Easter Island is under possession of Chili and is famous for gigantic stone figures all over the island.

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