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  Long famed for its mineral health spas and luxury resorts, the Caucasus is a mountainous region stretching from the Black Sea in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east.The Caucasus region determines the border of Europe and Asia and is divided into three areas – Western, Central and Eastern. The path to the Caucasus has been well traveled by foot, train and now air since the area has many great mineral health spas, luxury resorts and now spa-focused package vacation tours. The Caucasus is a real mixture of languages, ethnic conflicts and territorial claims.

 Caucasas Attractions

Famed for its mineral spas and luxury health resorts, the mountainous Caucasus region stretches from the Black Sea in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east. The path to the Caucasus was well traveled during the gilded age and is now being rediscovered by those looking for a new twist on the luxury resort.

The main luxury resort in Western Caucasus Region - DOMBAI is a climatic recreational area, situated in the mountain hollow at the foot of the North Slope of the Glavnyi (main) /or Vodorazdelny (watershed)/ridge of the Big Caucasus. It is situated 1,600 meters above the sea level on the junction of the rivers Amanaus Dombai-Ulgen and Alibek.

Luxury Resorts in Russian Caucasus

Now the Mineral Spas and Resorts in Caucasus know what catering to luxury tourists means.  It is fortunate though that the tour operators have not yet had the luxury of raising prices and so great deals can be found.

Hotels in Russian Caucasus

Most of the major chains of hotels in Russia have some type of resort in the Caucasus. Some are luxury spas, some are not. Research the qualities such as all inclusive, historical spa, organic treatments and don't forget your friend's recommendations on the best spa.

About Western Caucasus

The Western Caucasus begins as low hills at the sources of the River Don and goes up to high hills having the magnitude of the Alps with the highest peak Dombai-Ulgen (4,046 meters). The climate in this region is warmer and the ascent conditions are not so severe as in other areas of the Caucasus.

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