Russia Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Since the demise of the USSR, Russia has become a popular tourist destination. With its scenic beauty, its range of activities and numerous tourist attractions, a visit to Russia is guaranteed to be one that will leave you with unforgettable memories. The best time to visit Russia is during the summer season, which is from June to August. If you wish to visit Siberia, September is the best month for travel. No matter when you visit, you should bring an umbrella because rain is usual in spring, summer and fall. During the winter, it can get bitterly cold and snowy.

Russia Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Moscow and St. Petersburg Attractions

The two major cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Both of these locations have many museums and cathedrals that will enthrall you with the architecture. The beautiful river and canals of St. Petersburg have led to the nickname "The Northern Venice". With both of these cities, you will experience the rich Russian culture. There are many theaters, different local events and film festivals. When in Moscow visit the Kremlin, the stronghold of the Russian government and in St. Petersburg all the relics of the Stalin era are still intact.

The gently rolling steppes of the Ukraine present you with an awesome sight. Here you will find friendly people that are passionate about their country. Karelia, with its numerous lakes and rivers is the perfect destination for water sports and fishing. With its continental climate and location along the shores of the Caspian Sea, Kalmykia, is sure to delight you and provide you with a relaxing vacation.

There are few trouble spots to avoid when visiting Russia. You could bring along a talking translator that says the words in English and Russian to make it easier to communicate, since very few people speak English.

Russian Food

Most restaurants in Russia serve a wide variety of food. The traditional Russian cuisine is not spicy and soups containing meat and vegetables are common. The portions are small and tipping is expected in the restaurants. However, the menus are not printed in English and you do need to use the Russian currency the ruble. It is only in the large cities that you can use credit cards because these are not widely used in Russia.

Russian Etiquette

Visitors are expected to remove their footwear indoors in Russia. It is also considered rude to leave food on your plate or to refuse a drink. Even if you do not drink alcohol, you should take a glass and a drink and take at least a sip. The quality of tap water is poor, so you should use bottled water. Even this has a distinctive taste because the Russian mineral water is salted.

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