New York City Luxury Travel Guide

See diverse cultures, experience creativity, marvel at soaring skyscrapers, Discover Art, wine, dine, experience good taste and be on the busiest part of the World. New York City , the city that never sleeps.

The abode of the Statue of Liberty, the America's symbol of freedom, home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Residence of the Madison Square Garden, a place that never runs out of games, activities and concerts, habitat of the Hollywood movies favorite, the Central Park, Quarter of the Rockefeller Center and thousands of skyrocketing buildings, New York can never run out of stimulating experiences for you.

Things to do in NYC

New York is a delightful place to be in whether you are an art critique, a businessman or just a tourist scanning the area. Once a Yankee, always a Yankee a famous quote from any New Yorker. No wonder such an affinity to their home place abound in all New Yorkers. New York certainly can have give anything you can ever want -- from entertainment, to musical shows, to theater, to basketball games, to the biggest of concerts, to just the plain excitement emanating from every establishment. New York certainly has more than 2 lines full of sights and sounds that could certainly make you wish you were a born New Yorker.

Luxury Hotels in New York City

New York also has a number of Luxury hotels to make your stay the most pleasurable one. These New York hotels boast the best of the best accommodations to complement your luxury travel. One commendable place to stay is the Four Seasons Hotel, the famous choice of celebrities and the VIP's around the world.  For a vewi over Central Park (and a hop and a skip from Times Square), try the Marriot. In Manhattan they turn up the notch to luxury.

If you're staying in Lower Mahattan, you might want to consider the Art Deco glamor of the Tribeca Hotel.  If you get a chance, have a cocktail at the bar, although you may have to do some fast talking with 3 the doorpeople that normally ensure only those stay at the hotel (and their guests) are allowed in their cocktail lounge. You may also want to look at hotels anywhere in the world.

Dining Out in NYC

While you're in New York, spice up your stay with the best New York Restaurants, the diversity of the cultures in New York also has diversified its Culinary Specialties so your palate can taste anything you crave for from exotic to gourmet dishes, you name it, New York has it. Dine French at Daniel Boulard's classic French gourmet, eat at Solera where a touch of Spanish is always served and you can even choose to eat all the Chinese food you want at Chinatown .

New York is where time never stops. New York can truly keep a person satisfyingly pleasurably occupied with its endless hustle and bustle to give the ultimate satisfaction to anyone clamoring anything and everything nice --- that, only the city that never sleeps can give.

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