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Ontario, the most populous and prosperous province in Canada, is most easily accessible by the majority of Americans. Southern Ontario and especially Niagara Peninsula jut down well below 49th parallel. Ontario is home to many wilderness parks such as Algonquin Park where visitors can canoe and camp away from it all. The North has its share of resorts made for both summer and winter. In summer there are guesthouses to rent ranging from small cottages all the way up multimillion-dollar mansions. Most of these are lakes allowing you to water ski or simply just relax fishing or sitting on a comfortable lounger.


Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is home to the neoclassical parliament building, as well as many museums and it items of historical interest that one would expect to see in a grand capital.


Toronto, capital of Ontario, is home to professional teams of all major North American sports including the Jays, Argonauts, Raptors, and of course the Toronto Maple Leafs. It also has the CN Tower, Chinatown, Castle Loma, and is home to many full-scale Theatrical Productions including Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and others.


Ontario is well equipped with all of the emergency services a traveller may need, including,

Doctors ON, Dentists ON, Chiropractors ON, Travel Agents ON, Lawyer ON, Pharmacy ON, Insurance Agent ON, Car Rentals ON, Car Repair ON.

Theatre and Wineries

Ontario also has Stratford on Avon, which is home to the Globe Theater and many Shakespearean and other plays. The Niagara Peninsula has many wineries and has many harvest festivals during the fall season, plus some during the winter dedicated to the wine unique to the Niagara region, ice wine, and Casino.

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