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Newfoundland and Labrador

Visit Cabot Tower in the capital St. John's, to see the location from which Marconi sent the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal. Explore the many fishing villages and visit the multitude of museums. Trek the historic trails, such as the rock walls in Grates Cove, see where John Cabot came ashore in Bonavista, visit the site of the movie "Random Passage" in Old Bonaventure and visit Robert's Arm where you just might see Newfoundland' own Loch Ness monster. The Viking Trail will take you through the mountains of Gros Morne and into Labrador, which is part of the mainland. In order to visit the villages on the coast, you will have to travel by boat.

Newfoundland is well equipped with all of the emergency services a traveler may need, including,

 Doctors NL, Dentists NL, Chiropractors NL, Travel Agents NL, Lawyer NL, Pharmacy NL ,     Insurance Agent NL, Car Rentals NL, Car Repair NL. 

Here is Canada's earliest history. The natural beauty is outstanding appened upon them. Around every cove or bend you will find a piece of heaven, a delightful breeze to help your journey.

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