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British Columbia

British Columbia lies along the Pacific Ocean and the climate of Vancouver Island is temperate year round. It is rare to get snow along the shores, but farther inland, are the mountains and snow. Over 70% of the population live in the south west corner including Victoria and Vancouver. BC joined Confederation in 1871. The First Nation tribes have very different traditions. They range from settled coastal tribes as the Kwakiutl, Haida, Nootka who had fishing and the interior tribes as the Athabaskan and Salish who tended to be nomadic.

British Columbia is well equipped with all of the emergency services a traveler may need, including,

 Doctors BC, Dentists BC, Chiropractors BC, Travel Agents BC, Lawyer BC,

Pharmacies BC, Insurance Agent BC, Car Rentals BC, Car Repair BC 



Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is situated on Vancouver Island and is one of the premier travel destinations in the World. Victoria sits on the southern tip of Vancouver lsland off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Victoria has a Metro population of 370,000 with a breathtaking inner harbour area. Here, seaplanes take off on an exotic journeys, ferries bring curious visitors, and boaters bring a wide range of new and heritage pleasure craft to see and be seen. Don't miss one of the many Harbour Festivals held throught the year. An excellent transit system will take you to the suburbs with ease. Greater Victoria is comprised of several communities which are actually diverse  shops, services, parks, beaches and amenities.

However, this is a pedestrian town, so bring comfortable shoes. You'll find yourself investigating many tiny shops and world class art galleries and of course,Victoria is also home to the narrowest street in North America including Fan Tan Alley an alley in Victoria in the Chinatown, the oldest and most exotic in North America. It was originally a gambling district with restaurants, opium dens and shops. Today it is a tourist destination as it contains many small stores. It is most famous because sometimes it is only 3 feet wide and is reputed to be the narrowest street in Canada. Mah Jong and Fan Tan are favourite Chinese games and it was probably named because of the many gambling dens that were situated in the area, some of which can still be located

Vehicle and passenger ferries sailing between Victoria, Seattle, Friday Harbour, Bellingham and Port Angeles dock in Victoria's Inner Harbour. Ferries to Anacortes Washington leave from Sidney, just a 15-20 minute drive from the downtown core. Float plane service to Vancouver and Seattle as well as Island points is available daily. Visiting boaters can tie up near the Canada Customs wharf. The Tourism InfoCentre, is situated in the Inner Harbour.

Dining in Victoria an art form, fine food is everywhere ranging from jazz locations to elegant English tearooms where British Style fish and chips and great varieties of tea are served.


Vancouver,  begun as a result of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush, then logging and lumber mills together with the Transcontinental Railway has developed it into the largest city in British Columbia with a very diverse population. Athletes and spectators from around the world will gather in Vancouver and the alpine resort of Whistler in 2010 to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Start planning now. Visit the Glacier and camp out in the wild.Whistler with it's Olympic level skiing and snowboarding

Visit the farms of the Okanagan Valley and see the totem poles of the Nootka and Haida native peoples. Explore the many forts or enjoy rafting down the expansive rivers. Follow the Kootenay Trail that led many gold miners to their fortune in the 1800's.

It has since become the busiest seaport in Canada, and exports more cargo than any other port in  The fishing is fantastic. There are many types of charters available.

Vancouver rates extremely high in world ranking for quality of life and cleanliness. 

It also has very high real estate values.

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