Our first Featured Location is Canada, while mostly covered by tundra, has a large well populated strip along south that is broken into six distinctive zones: Maritimes; Québec; Ontario; the Prairies; the Mountains; the Pacific Coast.

Canada is well equipped with all of the emergency services a traveler may need, including,

Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Travel Agents, Solicitors, Pharmacies,   Insurance Agent, Car Rental , Car Repair


The first, the Maritimes, consist of the four easternmost provinces: Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; PEI (Prince Edward Island); and Newfoundland and Labrador.  Of great interest here is the Celtic music and picturesque Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia; lobster fishing and wilderness exploration in New Brunswick; the Viking Meadows in Labrador; and the sandy beaches and literary home of Anne of Gables in PEI.

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The province of Québec, the main French region of Canada, is home to Québec City and Montréal both of great interest to luxury tourists.  Québec City is an old walled town that was capital of New France before the British conquered it over 250 years ago on the now historic Plains of Abraham.  It still retains much of its continental charms and has a wide array of unique luxury hotels within the walls.  Montréal is a true mix of old and new, French and English.  Its cathedrals, nightlife, historical areas all make for wondrous long weekend trip for anyone.  In both cities and through Québec locals appreciate your attempt at French but will happily help you in English.


Ontario, the most populous and prosperous province in Canada, is most easily accessible by the majority of Americans.  Southern Ontario and especially Niagara Peninsula jut down well below 49th parallel.  Ontario is home to many wilderness parks such as Algonquin Park where visitors can canoe and camp away from it all.  The North has its share of resorts made for both summer and winter.  In summer there are guesthouses to rent ranging from small cottages all the way up multimillion-dollar mansions.  Most of these are lakes allowing you to water ski or simply just lacks for their way sitting on a comfortable lounger.


Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is home to the neoclassical parliament building, as well as many museums and it items of historical interest that one would expect to see in a grand capital.


Toronto, capital of Ontario, is home to professional teams of all major North American sports including the Jays, Argonauts, Raptors, and of course the Toronto Maple Leafs.  It also has the CN Tower, Chinatown, Castle Loma, and is home to many full-scale Theatrical Productions including Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and others.

 Ontario also has Stratford on Avon, which is home to the Globe Theater and many Shakespearean and other plays.  The Niagara Peninsula has many wineries and has many harvest festivals during the fall season, plus some during the winter dedicated to the wine unique to the Niagara region, ice wine.

 The Prairies

The Prairies, as the name suggests, are flat grasslands thousands of kilometers wide.  As woes being beautiful travel across, they've unique features of their own.  There are forts, and other remnants of the Hudson's Bay trading company (which used to own most of what is now Canada), spread throughout the Prairies.  Calgary, capital of Alberta, is well known for Calgary Stampede, a modern massive rodeo and fair.  South of Calgary are the Badlands which are chock-full of dinosaur bones.

 Canadian Mountains (Rocky Mountains)

West of the Prairies are the Canadian Mountains, including the range called the Rocky Mountains.  These straddle the border between Alberta and British Columbia and range from the Southern border with the USA all the way up to the Yukon and Alaska.  Containing both Jasper Park and Banff Park, and home to Lake Louise, Whistler and other ski and snowboarding resorts, many tourists enjoy the Mountains in both winter and summer.

 The Pacific Coast

The gentle weather and many inlets along the Pacific coastline mean that this is the year-round destination for luxury tourists.  The Queen Charlotte Islands, and Vancouver Island with the province's capital of Victoria, are pulled into either by cruise ships or through charters and ferry boats.


Canada's third-largest city, Vancouver, is similar to the city just further south, Seattle.  It shares much the laid-back attitude, and love of the outdoors.  The ethnic mix means that there are fantastic restaurants seemingly on every corner.  Whale watching, salmon fishing, kayaking, are available and easily booked with the concierge at your hotel.  Day trips for skiing or snowboarding in the Mountains are possible too.


Booking a vacation in Canada is easy: booking a luxury vacation, well that's just pleasure.

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