North America Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Deciding to visit one of the countries in North America provides you with an enormous range of choices for vacation destinations. This continent consists of three countries that will take you from the frozen North to the tropical beaches and mountains of the South.


Canada Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Canada is the largest country in North America and consists of ten provinces and three territories, each which their unique culture and attractions. Start in the east and slowly make you way to the west with cities, towns and villages that will awe you with their beauty. Enjoy the delights that only a trip up North will bring and experience the culture of the Native Peoples. Each of the provinces will take a lot of time because the area of each one, with the exception of PEI, is quite vast.

The Atlantic Provinces  has Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Visit Cabot Tower in St. John's, Newfoundland to see the location from which Marconi sent the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal. Explore the many fishing villages and visit the multitude of museums. Trek the historic trails, such as the rock walls in Grates Cove, see where John Cabot came ashore in Bonavista, visit the site of the movie "Random Passage" in Old Bonaventure and visit Robert's Arm where you just might see Newfoundland' own Loch Ness monster. The Viking Trail will take you through the mountains of Gros Morne and into Labrador, which is part of the mainland. In order to visit the villages on the coast, you will have to travel by boat.

Nova Scotia is famed for its apples and the many orchards in the Annapolis Valley will delight you with the spectacular scenery. Explore the fort at Louisburg where the French and English fought for control of the continent, the site of the first settlement in North America at Annapolis Royal and drive the Cabot Trail around the rim of Cape Breton Island. Survey the beauty below you from the top of Kelly's Mountain and visit the hometown of the Canadian singer, Anne Murray, in Amherst. The tides of the Bay of Fundy, among the largest in the world, are a sight to behold when you can walk out to the boats in the evening, but have to swim in the morning. This province was originally settled by immigrants from Scotland, so you may just be in time for the "Gathering of the Clans".

Prince Edward Island is the home of Anne of Green Gables. Spend some time at Cavendish Beach and drive the Confederation Bridge, which links this island with the mainland. See the many potato farms and explore the delights of Charlottetown, the birthplace of Canadian Confederation.

New Brunswick is a scenic sight with many fishing villages dotting the coast. St. John, Fredericton, Edmundston, Chatham, some of the places you can visit. Fundy National Park gives you the chance to connect with the land, sea and sky and the "Village Historique Acadien" ( Acadian Historic Village ) will help you to understand one of the great tragedies of Canadian history. Take in many of the festivals and events and see the original wood salt shaker tower in Harvey.

In Central Canada you will find two distinct cultures, Quebec and Ontario

In Quebec, the two cities favored by visitors are Quebec City and Montreal, but there are many other cities, small towns and villages. Visit the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre, just outside of Quebec City or walk the streets of the Lower Town. Chateau Frontenac is an imposing structure holding guard over the city which now also serves as one of Canada?s finest luxury hotels. The Plains of Abraham, within walking distance of the Chateau Frontenac, is the site of the last French-English battle fought on the continent. Along the coast you will see many fishing villages and in the center of the province is dotted with scenic farms.

Visit Niagara Falls, the most popular tourist attraction in Ontario. While in this area visit the local vineyards, G. B. Shaw plays in Niagara on the Lake and the locks of the Welland Canal on the Seaway. Take in a baseball game or a hockey game in Toronto, the site of the CN Tower, the tallest free standing structure in Canada. Join Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russels in renting an amenity filled cottage in the Muskoka Region amongst many lakes and see where the Canadians relax during the summer (and winter for the hardier types). The Thousand Islands is surely a sight to behold and farther north you can reach the shores of Hudson and James Bay where Polar Bears march through towns. There are many small native reserves where you can experience the life and culture first hand.

The Prairie Provinces has Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta

The flat prairies that stretch for miles without a hill in sight will leave you breathless. Pass the fields of growing wheat, see the herds of roaming buffalo and visit the towns along the Red River Valley. Visit the sites of battles in the Riel Rebellion and the old forts where Indians traded their furs. Manitoba is the outdoor enthusiast?s paradise with many opportunities for fishing, hunting and boating. Museums and historic sites abound making your vacation one you will remember.

Regina, Saskatchewan is the training ground for the RCMP and the musical ride is one that all visitors enjoy. Visit the Great Wall of Saskatchewan in Smiley and the water tower in Kerrobert. Fort Saskatchewan will take you back to the past when fur traders portaged the rivers and lakes and the names of the many communities will remind you that many of these people are descended from towns and villages all over Europe.

Alberta is the oil capital of Canada and the home of the Calgary Stampede. Visit West Edmonton Mall for a shopping center with a hotel and a waterpark located in the center of the mall. Travel North to Fort McMurray to see the tar sands or take a tour of a cattle ranch. Take part in a cattle drive or enjoy the skiing delights that Banff will provide. Travel high into the Rocky Mountains and marvel at the skill involved in creating roads through this area.

British Columbia and The West

British Columbia lies along the Pacific Ocean and the climate of Vancouver Island is temperate year round. It is rare to get snow along the shores, but farther inland, Whistler with it's Olympic level skiing and snowboarding will delight you. Visit the Glacier and camp out in the wild. Visit the farms of the Okanagan Valley and see the totem poles of the Nootka and Haida native peoples. Explore the many forts or enjoy rafting down the expansive rivers. Follow the Kootenay Trail that led many gold miners to their fortune in the 1800?s.

The Canadian North comprise Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories 

Enjoy dog sledding and the many wildlife that roam the tundra. Visit the many small native settlements where you will be welcomed with open arms. See the Inukshuks that the early Eskimos used as signposts and cross the ice floes on skidoo. This area is not always frozen and in summer the temperatures do get quite high. Fishing, boating, swimming and hunting are yours to enjoy when you come to the North.

United States Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

The United States is second largest counry in North America and consists of 50 states and Puerto Rico. All of the states are adjoining except Alaska and Hawaii.


Alaska, and Governor Sarah Palin, is part of North America, but is located north and west of Canada. Here you will find many delightful little villages and the Hubbard Glacier, which is constantly changing. The mountains seem to rise from the sea and touch the sky and the wildlife is something you might only hope to see in books. Coyotes, wolves, bison, polar bears, moose and elk roam freely in the wild and you can take a helicopter tour to see them up close. Select a fishing or hunting expedition under the supervision of expert guides and stay in one of many luxurious hunting lodges.

The Eastern States stretches over Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Florida

From the tree-covered mountains of Maine to the sunny Florida coast, this area of the country has a wealth of things to see and do. It positively exudes history with pioneer villages, Civil War battle sites and covered bridges; you will be amazed with everything it has for you. Visit New York City, with the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, the site of the fallen World Trade Center, Central Park, Staten Island, Brooklyn Bridge and the United Nations. Washington, D.C is the site of the White House and the presidency. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and the many beach resorts along the coast will provide you with an unforgettable vacation. The Florida sunshine is the main attraction that draws many visitors to this state and it is also the site of Disney World. Take time to explore the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky and experience the Ozark culture.

The Gulf States constitute Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas

The states along the Gulf of Mexico are blessed with glorious sunshine and scenic beauty. This area is oil refinery country, but there are many attractions for tourists. Fishing, hunting, canoeing and kayaking are only a few of the activities you can enjoy.

Enjoy the Cajun culture of Louisiana and the bayous. New Orleans is traditionally one city where you are assured of a good time, no matter when you visit. Texas, the Lone Star state, is very large and as the Texans say, Everything is bigger in Texas. Experience the ranches of the state and the delights that only Houston and Dallas can provide. Visit Alamo of San Antonio and relive the days of Davy Crockett; or stop and dine along the San Antonio River Walk. Visit the many Spanish mission towns and take in the many sporting events that take place here.

The Mid-West is Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming

Feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ as you visit Kansas or Laura from the ?Little House on the Prairie, as you take in all that the Midwestern states have to offer. Travel the routes of the covered wagons as the pioneers journeyed westward and visit the sites of many Civil War battles. See the ancient rock paintings left by the native peoples and follow the Trail of Tears through the Cherokee Nation. Cattle ranches, mountain top towns and spectacular scenery await you here. See the cliff dwellings of the ancient peoples in Colorado and walk the tracks of the dinosaurs. Visit the stomping grounds of Buffalo Bill in Wyoming and trek through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Northern States are Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana

Fish the waters of Lake Superior foe muskie when you visit Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Take a tour of the many automobile manufacturing plants in Michigan or sit for a while in the breathtaking parks. See where Yogi Bear came from in Yellowstone National Park and see Old Faithful, the world famous geyser. Take in the many museums, parks and festivals that these states have to offer. Follow in the footsteps of the many explorers and fur traders that opened up this area to settlement.

The Western States are California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

The warm temperatures of the Pacific Coast draw millions of visitors each year. California is home to Disney World, Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, known for its exquisite wines. Tour the wineries, shop the same stores as the movie stars and take a tour of the mansions of Bel Air. Visit the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and dance with lady Luck. Visit Yosemite National Park and the see the giant sequoia trees. Oregon and Washington are farther north, but no less beautiful. The wealth of history in the maritime and logging towns will keep you busy for weeks, not to mention the plethora of activities for any time of the year.

Mexico Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Mexico is the smallest country in North America. it is a  country of contrasts bounded by mountains and beaches along the coasts with desert in the north growing into jungle in the south. Mexico City is high in the mountains and is the main entry point to all other places in the country. The exquisite architecture will take your breath away and the pyramids built by the ancient Aztecs are truly spectacular, Visit the Mayan ruins at Cancun, see the cliff divers at Acapulco and relax in the sun and the sand at Puerto Vallarta. The many small towns and villages have a wealth of attractions and many fascinating markets. You can immerse yourself in the colorful, local culture and fall in love with what Mexico has in store for you.

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