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 The United Arab Emirates is situated on the coastline of the Persian Gulf, and has quite a lot to offer tourists. There are an abundance of attractions and a plethora of magnificent panoramic views. Within the time frame of a single day one can see the breathtaking desert sand dunes, relax on the superb beaches, climb mountains, visit ancient villages and go shopping in Dubai. The UAE truly offers quite a mix of traditional and modern and wraps it in a very appealing package. Thus, it has become a rather popular destination for tourists.

Jumeirah Archeological Site

While visiting the United Arab Emirates one would no doubt find themselves thrown back to earlier times on occasion. The country is wealthy in terms of history and displays its antiquity nearly everywhere you look. The archeological site at Jumeirah is one such ancient attraction that always draws a crowd. Thought to have been built sometime around the 6th century, this archeological site is perhaps the most important of all such sites in the Untied Arab Emirates. Numerous artifacts from the site are on exhibit at the Heritage Village in Diera as well.

Travel to and within the United Arab Emirates

Traveling to the United Arab Emirates is quite easy via airplane as the country possesses a fair number of airports. One can also access the United Arab Emirates by boat at one of the six ports of call. Traveling to the country by automobile can be done so as well, using a route through a neighboring country.

If you wish to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi you are in luck as there are domestic flights to and from these major cities daily, and at relatively cheap fares also. Travel within the country via water is possible as well, as passenger services journey from port to port on a regular basis. As bus services are limited, the only other truly reliable means of travel are renting a car and taxi.

U.A.E. Language

English is rather widely spoken and is basically the second language of business in the country. However, the official language is Arabic. 

U.A.E. Food & Drink

An excellent fish market and fresh fruit and vegetables make dining in the United Arab Emirates quite the delightful experience. The national drinks in the country include strong black coffee and a wonderful yoghurt shake called Ayran.

U.A.E. Shopping and Safety


There is a continued threat from terrorists in the country and as such visitors should be cautious at all times.

The result of low customs duties makes the United Arab Emirates one of the best places to shop for luxury goods. Numerous shops in Dubai are remarkably cheap also and as such attract a wealth of tourists.

U.A.E. Entertainment

The majority of the larger cities in the United Arab Emirates have cinemas offering English-language films as well as an abundance of bars and nightclubs. The premium hotels in the country are equipped with stylish cocktail bars also.
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