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Having been inhabited for thousands upon thousands of years, Syria has quite a lot to offer, particularly for the history enthusiast. The cultural landscape can be described simply by one word; amazing. Amongst all of the cultural and historical landmarks one may come across during a visit to Syria, perhaps none is more astounding then the documentation of the countless civilizations that one upon a time called the country home. 

Krak des Chevaliers

This glorious Crusader Castle, built by the Knights Hospitalers during the Crusades, is one of the most celebrated features Syria has to offer to tourists. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking for its enormity but also for the quality of preservation that has, no doubt, gone into maintaining its status as a site that must be visited. The towers are amazing and the inner garden, abundant with flora, look remarkable.

Travel to and within Syria

Damascus, Latakia and Aleppo are among the international airports situated in Syria. Flight times from various countries in Europe are relatively short at four to five hours in duration. There are several ports also at which tourists can arrive by boat. Furthermore, one can travel to Syria via railways as the Taurus Express services the country as well as neighboring countries. 

Visitors to Syria can travel through the country via domestic airports if they so desire as flights are quite cheap. Traveling by rail, taxi and bus are other possibilities as is renting an automobile. However, driving in urban areas can be quite confusing and dangerous as transportation systems with respect to the city are poorly developed. Accidents occur on a regular basis and choosing another mode of transportation is advised if you are a first-time visitor.

Syria Language

The three predominantly spoken languages are Arabic, English and French, though Kurdish is also spoken by various minorities within Syria.

Syria Food & Drink

Tea and coffee are among the national drinks in Syria as well as varieties of local beer. International cuisine can be obtained in Damascus and Aleppo as these destinations possess a wealth of restaurants. Visitors must take note that consumption of alcohol during Ramadan is strictly prohibited. 

Syria Shopping and Safety

There is a minor threat of terrorism in Syria. Attempts to leave Syria and enter a bordering country can be remarkably perilous and it is advised that one not try to do so.

Markets are abundant in Syria and are the best places to shop. Aleppo, in particular, offers a spectacular market where a tourist can pick up anything from silver jewelry to wooden carvings to embroidered objects.

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