Qatar Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Once an exceedingly poor nation, Qatar has now become one of the richest of the Gulf States by way of their natural resources, chiefly oil. While some may find the natural surroundings rather boring, since the landscape consists mainly of sand dunes and salt flats, may find the area visually appealing. For someone who has never seen a true desert in person, the sight can be rather captivating. Numerous historic sites are scattered throughout the country as well, especially in the North where one can see village ruins. The country has several fine beaches as well where you will frequently find pearl divers and people participating in various water sports.

City of  Doha

The city of Doha is perhaps one of the more awe-inspiring sights in all of Qatar. The eclectic mix of modern and traditional Arabic architecture serves to create a rather eye-catching scene. The Abu Bakir al-Siddiq Mosque and the Grand Mosque, with its multitude of domes, are especially stirring and are amongst the highlights in the city of Doha.

Travel to and within Qatar

Since most of the waterway traffic into the ports at Doha and Umm Said is commercial, getting to the country via boat is unlikely. The preferred way to travel to Qatar is by airplane. There are, however, no direct flights from the US and as such a stopover must be made, usually in the UK. A flight from London typically takes approximately eight hours.

The roads are less than ideal in Qatar and as such traversing them in your own car can be complicated, especially during the wet season. Taxis are available and are virtually the only other means of transportation around the country.

Qatar Language

English speaking individuals are infrequent as Arabic is the official and dominant language in Qatar.

Qatar Food & Drink

The best food may be found in the hotels in Qatar, but outside of these one will find a multitude of unique dishes. The capital city of Doha is perhaps the best place to go in search of good food as there are many snack bars serving fast food. Levantine and Egyptian cuisine can also be found in Qatar. Visitors should note that alcohol is prohibited, though some may be served in international hotels.

Qatar Shopping and Safety

As there is a high threat of attack from terrorist groups in the region, travelers should be alert at all times and have a plan in place in case of such an attack.

There are a number of shopping centers in Qatar but those in search of bargains should head to the markets.

Qatar Entertainment

The capital has a cinema and National Theatre where tourists can spend a rather enjoyable night.
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