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 Often hailed as being a very adaptable country, Oman can virtually transform into what ever you wish for it to become. Whatever you seek to enjoy Oman can provide. Whether you are a history enthusiast seeking ancient cities and artifacts or you are an athlete looking to participate in some fun water sports, you can be sure to find it in Oman. Many tourists who come to the country for a vacation take great pleasure in being able to enjoy the variety of activities that Oman provides. The scenery is rather captivating as well and many visitors are delighted by the exceptional views and awe-inspiring pictures that can be taken of Oman.






Oman, and more specifically Salalah, served as an important trade route for frankincense in ancient times. Amongst the highlight of this trade route are the caravan oasis of Shisr/Wubar and the important ports of Khor Rori and Al-Balid. This trail has also been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites as it was a major distribution route of one of the most important trade items in the old world.


Nabi Ayoub's Tomb


This tomb marks the spot where the remains of the prophet are buried. Not only is the tomb stunning in appearance but is possesses a wealth of history also. Ancient writings can be found on the walls and a mosque is located a short distance away. 



Travel to and within Oman


As waterway traffic is principally commercial the only means of travel into Oman is via airplane. A flight from the city of London is approximately nine hours, touching down at Muscat International Airport.



Domestic flights are available for travel within Oman but the favored method of internal travel would be automobile. Driving conditions are ideal as the country possesses a superb transportation system but drivers must be alert at night since camels have been known to wonder onto the streets.



Oman Language


Arabic is the official language of Oman though many people speak English as well. There are also minorities that speak German, French and Swahili.




Oman Food & Drink


Quite the diversity of ethnic foods can be obtained at any of the abundance of restaurants in Oman, however, for the truly Oman dining experience be sure to try some of the national dishes. These consist mainly of meats, rice and fish, sometimes cooked in unusual ways.



Oman Shopping and Safety


There is a high threat from terrorists in this area. Visitors should remain calm in the event of an unexpected attack and always be cautious of their surroundings. 




Ruwi and Qurum possess a number of modern shopping centers but perhaps the most popular shopping destinations in the country are the markets where one can purchase an assortment of interesting goods cheaply.



Oman Entertainment


While the country possesses a number of cinemas, bars and nightclubs are basically reserved to those in popular hotels and the like.

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