Lebanon Luxury Travel Vacation Guide


 Providing visitors with a plethora of beautiful panoramic views the country of Lebanon, situated in the Middle East, has become a rather significant tourist destination. Massive alpine peaks, lush, green valleys and superb coastline make Lebanon not only a visually stunning place for tourists to visit but also a remarkable place to explore. While exploring, one may come across numerous ruins of ancient cities and the like as Lebanon is also in possession of a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Jeita Grotto


A network of magnificent underground caverns, the Jeita Grotto has been known to man for centuries. All those who explore the caves find them absolutely mind blowing not only for the majesty they possess but also for the sheer magnitude of the caves. Some of the network still remains undiscovered and a great deal of the passageways have been rediscovered not more than a century ago. Some of these caves go as deep as 50 meters underground and provide quite the delightful experience for the inquisitive individual. Others cannot be accessed via walking and have to be traveled to by boat, notably the 6200 meter deep tunnel.     

Travel to and within Lebanon

If traveling by air you will likely arrive at the Beirut International Airport, however, there are other means of travel into the country. You can certainly travel into Lebanon via automobile or, if you prefer, by boat, as the country has a number of ports at which you can land.

Automobiles may be the operative mode of transportation in Lebanon but be aware at all times as traffic can be somewhat unpredictable. Intercity buses and taxis are other modes of transport around Lebanon and are rather cheap and efficient.

Lebannon Language

English is spoken by a vast number of people in Lebanon yet the official language is actually Arabic. French is a close second to Arabic.

Lebannon Food & Drink

Often referred to as the finest cuisine the Middle East has to offer, Lebanese cuisine consists of many fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. While you can obtain a tasty Lebanese dish virtually anywhere in the country, if you are searching for international food you may have to visit Beirut, as it is only place that serves such cuisine. Aged wine is quite popular in the country as well.

Lebannon Shopping and Safety


Visitors to the area are advised to take heed when traveling to Lebanon as the terrorist threat is high, especially in particular regions of the country.

Traditional markets exist basically wherever there are people in Lebanon. Exquisite handmade goods can be obtained at these markets at very affordable prices. Numerous silk and wool clothing items can be obtained as well.

Lebannon Entertainment

Luxurious and entertaining nightclubs can be found in a variety of places in Lebanon but the vast majority all located in the heart of Beirut. One will also find modern cinemas and other such venues within the capital city.
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