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 With massive verdant valleys and a vast expanse of desert the landscape of Jordan can be described as one of contrast. Out of this contrast though, develops the dramatic and visually appealing scenery Jordan has become known for. Its natural attractiveness serves it quite well in the tourism department and it is certainly one of the major reasons that the country has become a veritable tourist destination. The country has come to depend on the tourism industry and as such has invested a lot in trying to create the best possible experience for visitors. If you cannot find comfort in the scenery then the warm climate is sure to put you at ease.


Rich is history, the country of Jordan has always been a major draw for historians, and now tourists as well. Petra is a location of notable importance as it is literally a city carved directly out of rock. Walking through this very mystifying rock village one will come across tombs and even a small archeological museum. Interestingly it was lost for many years and only rediscovered in the early part of the 19th century.

 Wadi Rum

Recognized as the setting of Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum is quite an astonishing scene. This major attraction in the country of Jordan has quite the unique landscape, often described as lunar. Marvelous mountains and a very peculiar silence are among the thing to witness at the spectacle that is Wadi Rum.

Travel to and within Jordan

Traveling to the country by air is rather simple as the country possesses a number of airports. Moreover, the flight to the country should not be particularly long and is relatively cheap. Conveniently, the major airport in Jordan is located near one of the main highways in the region. Other means of travel into the country are quite limited.

It is possible to travel via domestic airlines in the country though flights are merely to and from Amman and Aqaba. The best way to see the country is to travel by automobile, though it is advised that you stay clear of desert roads as they can be a bit cumbersome.  

Jordan Language

Quite a diversity of languages are spoken in Jordan though the official language is Arabic. Within the cities you will commonly find people who speak English, German, French and Spanish.

Jordan Food & Drink

Within Jordan one can find quite a varied cuisine with most restaurants serving both Arabian and European dishes. Deliciously accented rice, lamb, pancakes and pastries are among the common foods on the Jordanian menu. National drinks include coffee as well as varieties of beer, wine and spirits.

Jordan Shopping and Safety

 While most visits are free of complications, the country remains under terrorist threat and can endure an attack at any time.

At the market one will come across many delicate and exotic items including an assortment of crafts and jewelry. There are many specialty items sold in the market as well, such as Hebron glass, jeweled rosaries and backgammon sets.

Jordan Entertainment

There are a number of nightclubs, theatres and cinemas spread throughout the country of Jordan though most are situated in Amman. Many of the more popular hotels have nightclubs and bars for tourists to enjoy also.
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