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 A land of contrasts is what you will find when you visit Iran. From the resorts along the Caspian Sea to the mountains and plains, there are many sights to behold. There are ruins of ancient cultures, glorious mosques and numerous museums. The wealth of activities you can enjoy compare favourably with any other part of the world ? trekking, skiing, hang-gliding and more. Women do have to cover up more here than in other places, but if you don?t mind that you are in for the thrill of a lifetime.

City of Tehran

Tehran, the Capital City,  is a heavily populated city with air pollution. In spite of this, there are many attractive sights to see. Visit the Ceramics and Glass Museum. This is an old mansion with landscaped gardens for you to enjoy a quiet stroll. Inside you will find a wealth of ornate ancient and gold pieces. Get an awe-inspiring view of the city from the Shahid Motahari Mosque, with its eight minarets. The Bazaar, closed on Friday and religious holidays, is one of the largest markets in the world.

Visit the Carpet Museum, where the carpet is more than 450 years old. Learn about the archaeology and anthropology of the country at the National Museum of Iran and see the collection of rare Iranian calligraphy at the Rea Ababasi Museum.

Iran Attractions 

Take excursions from Tehran to other parts of the country. The resorts in the mountains in the Alborz mountain chain will provide you with comfortable accommodations. Take cable car rides and enjoy the skiing from January to March.

The towns of Rey, Varamin, Qazwin and Shemshak are only a short distance from Tehran and still retain the original look and feel of an Iranian village.

Travel to Iran

You can fly into Iran to the International airport in Tehran. There are also smaller airports throughout the country making it easy for you to travel to various places. There are also trains and buses for getting around the cities and from one city to another.

You do have to respect the rules of culture. Women have to cover up and no alcohol or pork is permitted. In fact women who are dressed immodestly when they go through customs will not be allowed to enter the country

iran Food and Drinks

Rice is the national dish and you get large servings of this with every meal. There are several different recipes for cooking the rice and saffron is often used for flavor and coloring.

Soft drinks are sold in bottles. Tea is served in see-through glasses and never with milk. Coffee is not widely available in Iran and where it is, it is very expensive.

iran Language

While Persian is the official language of the country, there are numerous dialects and other languages spoken. You will not find many of the people able to speak English, except in the large cities, where it is spoken by those in business.


Iran is not a country where you can feel really safe as a visitor from a Western country. For your own safety, you need to have vaccinations for polio, typhoid and malaria. The water is not treated and is not safe for drinking. When you need a taxi, you should rely on those available at the hotel because there has been an increase in robberies by men posing as taxi drivers. Photos can only be taken in tourist areas.


The finest carpets in the world are for sale in Iran. Visit the bazaar in the Tajrish suburb of Tehran for the ultimate in a shopping experience. Here you will find an endless maze of vaulted alleyways where you can buy anything your heart desires ? fine silver, art work, Persian rugs, aromatic spices. The bazaar is divided into sections for each kind of product and you can see some of them being made before your eyes.
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