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 The country of Bahrain, well endowed with antiquity, has become quite the favorable vacation spot. Many tourists flock to the archipelago of 33 islands each year to bask in the splendor the landscape presents. The country is a rather unique place for many visitors as it is an oddity in some sense, combining elements of both western and eastern cultures to create a rather fascinating mix. Amidst the many mosques and elements of Islamic culture one will find skyscrapers and other such features of western civilization. 

Bahrain Attractions

 Barbar Temple


This collection of temples, located in the tiny village of Barbar, date back to thousands of years BC. Not only are these three temples stunning in their own right, but have brilliant natural features surrounding them. The altars and natural water springs are a must see for visitors to the temples. Furthermore, many artifacts have been collected from these temples and are on exhibit at the Bahrain National Museum.

Travel to and within Bahrain

While the flight times from various cities in North America are rather lengthy, flying to Bahrain is perhaps the most efficient means of traveling there. One can also travel via boat and arrive at one of the three popular ports.

Each week there are numerous domestic flights departing from Bahrain International Airport and as such, internal travel via airplane is an excellent means of visiting different destinations within the country. One can also travel to various islands in Bahrain by means of a motorboat. Transportation routes for automobiles area well developed also and as such driving in Bahrain is a pleasure. 

Bahrain Language


Arabic is the official language, though English is spoken by many as well.

Bahrain Food & Drink

The majority of foods on the menu in Bahrain are strongly flavored as Arabic food tends to be heavily spiced. If this is not to your liking then the country has a wealth to offer in terms of other ethnic foods as there are a multitude of restaurants throughout the archipelago of islands. Alcohol is sold within Bahrain though it is frowned upon.

Shopping and Safety

Bahrain is generally a safe place to visit, however, there is a global threat posed by terrorism at the present and as such visitors should be vigilant at all times.

Pearls are among the major products sold in the country as well as a variety of luxury goods. One will find modern shopping centers spread throughout the country as well.

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