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 Ukraine, is the successor of the  ancient state of Kievan Rus' which was formed in 882. It became the largest and most powerful nation in Europe but disintegrated  during the Mongolian Invasion in 1240.  It became the first modern democracy in the 1500's and most recently became independent again in 1991 at the fall of the Soviet Union.

It is bordered by RussiaBelarus  Poland, SlovakiaHungary  Romania  Moldova

City of Kiev (Kyiv)

The City of Kiev is both the Capital and largest city in Ukraine, and is located on thelocated in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River.It has a population of over 2 1/2 million.

 The name Kiev is said to derive from the name of Kyi, one of four legendary founders of the city (brothers Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and sister Lybid').

 Kiev is an important  centre of Eastern Europe , home to many technical and education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks.

 Travel in the Ukraine

 Kiev  has an extensive infrastructure and highly developed system of public transport, including the Kiev Metro.


City of Balaklava 

During the Soviet Union,  Balaklava was " off limits" to non-residents.  There was a former Soviet nuclear submarine base built into the cliff at the  Tavros mountain. This is now a museum.

Ukraine Language

Ukrainian is the most ancient live Slavic language, descended from Old Slavonic.

It is written in Cyrillic letters and it uses the   Cyrillic alphabeth 

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