Turkey Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Turkey straddles Europe and Asia, and its unique culture reflects this. Sunny coasts, snowy mountains make for the backdrop but the mix of a Muslim majority with topless beaches and all night bars are the Turkish twist.

Visitors particularly enjoy the majestically city of Istanbul and Turkey's Mediterranean Coast.

City of Istanbul

Istanbul, is the perfect place to spend a 4 day city break, or as the starting point for a longer trip. Visit the many Mosques, Museums, the Palace, and of course the Hammans (Turkish Baths). Read our full Istanbul Luxury City Guide.

Turkey's Mediterranean Coast (Akdeniz)

Home to modern resorts, Battlefields of Gallipoli from World War I, ancient city of Troy, Ephesus one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world, the Chimera flame, and various ancient castles, mosques and churches. Read our Mediterranean Coast of Turkey Travel Guide.

Travel to Turkey, Airports, Flights, Driving etc.

Most people fly into Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport and most of the rest Ankara's Esenboğa Airport. Package holidays may fly into local regional airports along the coast such as Bodrum.

Driving to Turkey is general fine, but ensure your insurance is valid on the Asian side. And also realize that incidents of car robberies are high in any big cities.

Food & Drinks in Turkey

Try Ayran a form of watery yoghurt (Aryan), Kahve (strong coffee) in small Turkish cups, and Elmacay, (special apple tea). Most everyone is Muslim which means that technically they don't drink, but in reality there are many hotspots.

Turkish Language

Official Language is Turkish but many speak German and many merchants are used to dealing with tourists and speak enough English.


Shopping and Safety

Turkey is safe from random acts of violence plaguing the rest of the Middle East but it has its share of scams, robberies and the like. In big cities, woman shouldn't walk alone at night, but that can be said for anywhere.

Carpets, Coffee sets (it always tastes better from proper cups) are amongst the high quality items visitors should keep an eye out for.

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