Switzerland Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Visit a country where there are opportunities for some of the best skiing in the world in the Swiss Alps, areas where there are plateaus and others that offer a Mediterranean climate. The immense mountains provide a panoramic backdrop and make you realize how small you are compared to the beauty of nature. Visit the Pyramids of Euseigne in the Herens Valley and visit the sites of many films that have been shot in this country. This is a country of wide ranging recreational opportunities for everyone.

Switzerland Attractions

This is a small country, but it is densely populated. There is quite a lot to see though including spectacular scenery. There are three regions in the country ? The Plateau, The Jura and the Alps. Each of these presents something different for visitors to provide you with a lifetime of memories.

City of Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is an old city filled with charm and history. There are historical towers, eleven fountains and one of the most impressive examples of medieval architecture of any European city. It is a World Heritage Site with the old and the new blending together. Visit the Federal Building ? the home of the Swiss government, the Bern Historical Museum to learn about its thousands of years of history and the Einstein Museum, which was once the apartment of Albert Einstein. See the impressive collection of works by Paul Klee at the Museum of Fine Arts and a visit to the Cathedral of St. Vincent should be on every itinerary.

City Lucerne

Located in the central part of the country, Lucerne was built on the shores of Lake Lucerne. It is home to the famous Chapel Bridge, a 204 foot bridge that dates back to 1333. You can still see the remnants of the old walls that once surrounded this city in medieval times and Bertel Thorvaldsen?s famous carving of the wounded lion, also called the Lion Monument, in a small park in the city. There are many art museums here, such as the Picasso Museum and the Fine Arts Museum. Visit the Richard Wagner Museum, a country manor where you will learn about the life and compositions of this famous composer. This museum also has an impressive collection of historical musical instruments.

Switzerland Food and Drink

In Switzerland, a typical breakfast consists of bread, called burli, with butter, marmalade or honey and maybe cheese and cereal accompanied by cold milk or tea and coffee. For lunch, most people have a sandwich or a bircherm├╝esli, which is really oat flakes mixed with sweet milk or cream and honey. Some people also have a full meal at lunchtime. Dinner could be a selection of meats and vegetables. Traditional Swiss foods include Sauerkraut, Pasta tri color, made from three different colors of pasta, sausage salad and meat pie.

There are fast food restaurants in Switzerland, where you can get a hamburger or fish and chips as well as family style restaurants and places where you can dine in elegance. Compared with other places in Europe, food is expensive here. There are a variety of beers and wines and the hot drinks include tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Travel To and within Switzerland

All the major airlines have flights to the International airports in Switzerland of Geneva and Zurich. You can also drive here directly from the surrounding countries because there are now tunnels through the Alps.

Since Switzerland is a small country, it will only take your about four hours by train and three hours by car to travel from North to South and about twice that to travel from East to West. You can take the train or rent a car and there are taxis and public transportation facilities in the large cities. There is a dense network of country roads leading to small villages and large towns.

Languages in Switzerland

There are four official languages in Switzerland ? French, German, Italian and Romansh. Most of the people speak German and only about 1% of the population speak Romansh.


Shopping and Safety

There are no safety reminders posted for Switzerland. This is a generally safe country for visitors as it is a neutral country known for taking in refugees.

No matter what you are shopping for, you will find it in Switzerland from original Swiss army knives to chocolate or cheese. The currency is the Swiss franc, but most stores will accept Euro bills. You will receive francs as your change. Shop in the exclusive historic district of Bern where you will find luxury boutiques in historic buildings. The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is one of the world?s premier shopping locations and you can enjoy the Italian shopping flavor when you visit Lugano.

Switzerland Entertainment

Enjoy the street parade in Zurich, which is a parade consisting of 30 musical floats. Experience the uninhibited pleasures at the Tango Argentino in Bern, the quiet friendly ambiance of a local pub or one of the many nightclubs where you can dance ?til the wee hours of the morning. In addition, there are many concerts and theatrical performances and if sports is your passion, you may be able to take in a World Class Skiing tournament.

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