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 Sweden offers a multitude of experiences from driving a dogsled to staying in an ice hotel. With 28 national parks, you can visit areas of virgin wilderness against the backdrop of towering mountains, raft the raging rivers or get a close look at an impressive glacier. This is the third largest country in Western Europe with a coastline that extends for thousands of miles. There are countless lakes and waterways as well as idyllic villages that look as if they came right off a postcard. Enjoy a Swedish sauna to get you really relaxed and then jump into a cold lake as part of the Swedish customs.

City of Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden.  It houses the parliament, and the Royal Palace. Stockholm is the most populous city in Sweden. Stockholm has been the main center since the 13th century. Its strategic location is on fourteen islands on the southern coast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Mälaren.  Since the city is built on islands and known for its beauty, tourists often call the city "Venice of the North". The city is known for its beauty, its historical buildings & architecture, its water and its many parks. Stockholm has one of the largest shopping districts in Scandinavia.

Swedish Attractions

Sweden has three main regions each with cities and towns offering a wealth of attractions.

Southern Sweden

The thirteen cities in this part of the country will provide you with everything you need for a luxurious vacation. Gotland and Oland are the outposts of the region and here you will see miles of sandy beaches and natural stone statues. Visit the medieval village of Visby for the ultimate in paradise for its relaxation, seclusion and nightlife. In the inland part of this region, you can visit the Kolmarden Zoo and places you glimpsed in the pages of the Pippi Longstocking books and movies. The Gota Canal is one of the country's landmarks as it wends its way through many towns and villages. Blekinge is known as the "Garden of Sweden" with its many flowers and in Bohuslan you can see rock carvings as well as visit picturesque fishing villages.

Central Sweden

This part of the country is home to five world heritage sites and has a wealth of rivers for rafting and fishing. Dalama is the folk capital of the country and gives you a true look at the history and culture of the country. The fold music festivals and the annual ski rally draw visitors from all over the world. If you like golf and equestrian sports, Vastmanland will satisfy your penchants. This province actually has five climactic regions, as well as thousands of lakes, virgin forests and majestic mountains. Visit Gavle, the oldest city in the country as well as the home of the largest zoo. Here you will find medieval churches, rock carvings and Viking ruins.

Northern Sweden

Located on the Gulf of Bothnia, this is a region with miles of beaches, picturesque fishing villages and numerous archaeological sites. There are seven provinces and each one has its own distinct character. Medelepad and Angermanland are world heritage sites where the sight of the cliffs plunging into the bays gives you a feeling of awe. Hike or ski in the mountains of Jämtland and Härjedalen, see the unique style of farmhouses in Hälsingland and if time allows immerse yourself in the Lapp culture.

Travel To and within Sweden

You can fly into one of the major cities of Sweden or travel by rail. You can also take a cruise that will take you to all the major ports of call.

You can purchase an air pass that allows you to travel from one city to another when you are in Sweden. You can also travel throughout the country by train, but the Swedish trains follow a tight schedule, so you have to make sure you are on time. There are also buses that will take you to the remote villages and you can rent a car if you wish to take your time and see all the sights.

Swedish Food and Drink

Traditional Swedish food is very simple and healthy. The usual fare is called a smorgasbord, which means open sandwich. The table is usually filled with small dishes from which you can pick what you want. There are usually a variety of pickled herring dishes, Swedish meatballs, salmon pies and salads. It is really a full meal in itself. At the fast food outlets, you can get a fried hot dog and in a Swedish home you can try pea soup with pork and dumplings.

Coffee is the most popular beverage for every meal and for alcoholic beverages you have to try the surstromming, fermented Baltic beer. It comes in cans and has a strong foul smell. It is usually served with boiled potatoes and onions rolled into a type of thin unleavened bread. This is something you have to acquire a taste for.

Swedish Language

Swedish is the official language of the country, although staff in most of the tourist destinations speaks English. In fact, Sweden is a very outward looking country and so many speak perfect, accent-free English.


Shopping and Safety

The only safety concern that you should have when visiting Sweden is the possibility of contracting tick-borne encephalitis if you visit the Archipelago or the coastal areas. The water is safe to drink and as for travelling throughout the country, you just need to take the normal precautions that you would take at home.

Stockholm has one of the largest shopping districts in Scandinavia.

Browse the delightful markets and shop at designer stores when you go shopping in any of the destinations in Sweden. Bring home some of the colourful costumes and unique Christmas decorations of this land of Santa Claus. Here you will find luxurious boutiques with attentive salespeople who will assure that you have an enjoyable shopping experience. The stores are known for their handicrafts, glass and pewter as well as furs. A tax called 'moms' is added to all posted prices, but if you have the items shipped home you don't have to pay this tax.

Sweden Entertainment

All the major cities have many bars and nightclubs as well as concerts and plays for you to enjoy. Even if you are in a small village you can drop into the pub for a drink and get to enjoy the friendliness of the Swedish people.

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