Slovakia Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia has emerged in the past few years as a destination of choice for many travelers. You will not see a lot of elegance and glamour here, although there is a very accomplished cultural heritage. It offers visitors an excellent opportunity to experience the peasant life in the small rural villages and the local people are warm and friendly. They will do everything possible to ensure you enjoy a visit to their country. The best time to visit Slovakia is May, June and September. July and August are the typical holiday months and the tourist locations are usually very crowded. From October until April, the weather is a little chilly, but if you don?t like the heat of the summer, this time lets you enjoy the crisp, fresh air.

Slovakia Attractions

Visit the largest castle in the country in Spissky Hrad and Vratna in the center of the Mala Fatrs National Park. Here you will find abundant hiking trails to scenic waterways and in winter this is a popular ski resort.

City of Bratislava

Stop at the end of the Carpathian Mountains in Bratislava, which is the capital of the country. There are vineyards on the mountain slopes where you can taste the fine wines and take a tour of the facilities. You can almost see the border with Austria and there are many reminders of the days of Hungarian rule in the many monuments in the city. The opera productions here are some of the best in the world. The older part of the city contains many museums. Visit the torture chambers in the Municipal Museum and Primate?s Palace, the site of the signing of a peace treaty in 1805.

Trenciánske Teplice

This is a spa resort in the western part of the country. The thermal swimming pool is open from May to September and there are five hot springs. This is one place where you can experience a Turkish bath, located in the middle of the town.

Travel to and within Slovakia

You can fly to Slovakia, but since it is so close to Austria, most visitors like to drive into this country or take one of the many coach buses or trains from Budapest, Hungary. You can also walk in and out of this country if you wish.

There are buses and trains that travel all over the country. The buses are known to leave earlier than scheduled so if this is the mode of transportation that you choose, you should plan on arriving at the station early. It is easy to get around the country if you want to rent a car, even though the roads are narrow and have sharp turns.

Slovakia Language

The main languages are Slovak, Hungarian, German and Czech. In the large cities and resorts there are people who can speak English, but very few of the people in the rural areas will be able to speak English.

Slovakia Food and Drink

Slovak food is based on many different kinds of soups, stewed vegetables, roasted and smoked meats. The style of cooking varies from one region to another. One popular dish is called bryndzove halusky, which is dumplings with sheep cheese. Popular drinks in this country include Slovak beer, wine and mineral waters. Borovicka (strong gin) and slivovica (plum brandy) are also popular as is the wines from the Tokaj region and the Bratislava region.

Shopping and Safety

There is some crime in this country, so visitors should exercise caution and common sense, just as they would at home. Most of this crime involves petty theft, so you just have to be careful when you are alone at night or in crowded places.

You can experience a quaint shopping experience in this country with many traditional markets. In the larger centers, you will find stores where you can buy the latest fashions, but you can also shop for traditional Slovak designs and handicrafts.

Slovakia Entertainment

There are bars and pubs in the large cities such as Bratislova, where you will find an eclectic mix of nightclubs, outdoor cafes and coffeehouses. Many visitors to this city like to pop in and out of all of them just to make sure they get a true taste of the culture.

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