Serbia Luxury Travel Vacation Guide.

 Once a dominant part of Yugoslavia, the country recently separated from Montenegro, to become independent. Serbia is landlocked and contains mostly plains and low hills, while Montenegro is mountainous. The northern part of the country has hot summers and cold winters, while the South enjoys a Mediterranean type of climate.

Serbia Attractions

When you choose to visit Serbia and Montenegro, you can take advantage of many types of tours so that you get to see the whole country. Take a monastery tour or a tour of the wine country as just two examples of the type of luxury vacation you can have in this country.

City of Belgrade

This is one of the oldest cities in this part of Europe and has many attractions to offer visitors. To get a look at how many different fortifications there have been in Belgrade, you should visit the Kalemegdan, an attractive city park with an archaeological excavation site. The older part of the city has narrow streets lined with impressive examples of architecture dating back hundreds of years. There are also many examples of old Turkish style houses. There are many cafes and restaurants and the people are friendly. Numerous museums will give you a glimpse into the turbulent past of this city and country with many exquisite artifacts.


Travel to and within Serbia

You can travel to this country by air, land or sea. Take a ferry or cruise ship to the port of Bar in Montenegro, fly into the international airports in Belgrade, Serbia or Podgorica or Tivot in Montenegro. You can also drive here from one of the neighboring countries.

There are scheduled buses connecting all the major cities in the country. If you wish you can also rent a car so that you get to see all the places off the beaten track.

Serbian Language

With about 37 nationalities living here, it is hard to pinpoint any one main language. However, you will find that in the larger towns and cities, there are many people, especially young people, who can speak English

Serbian Food and Drink

All the surrounding countries have influenced the cuisine of this country. Koljivo is a traditional meal made by cooking whole wheat flour with walnuts and sugar. It is usually reserved for religious festivals. Barbecue is very popular and bread is served at every meal.

There are a lot of different fruit juices because of the many orchards in the country. Beer is also popular, but most of the people drink wine. Turkish coffee is quite common and the people drink it in large quantities.

Safety and Shopping

You should have a vaccination against polio and typhoid before you travel to Serbia. The water in the cities is treated, but it is not in the rural areas. All tourists should stick to bottled water. The country is reasonable safe for tourists as long as you use common sense. Avoid being alone on city streets at night.

The markets are the main shopping venues in the rural areas and the vendors do expect you to bargain. In the cities you will find many specialty boutiques and shopping malls where you will be amazed at the low prices for some of the items.

Serbian Entertainment

In Belgrade, there is a very active nightlife with many bars and nightclubs. While these facilities also exist in other parts of the country, they usually close at midnight. Disco type bars, however, stay open until 2 a.m.

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