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Known as the Crossroads of the East and West, Romania offers a captivating experience for all its visitors. The natural landscape of this country includes the Carpathian Mountains, lush farmlands and gently rolling hills and sandy beaches stretching along the shores of the Black Sea. Like most other countries in Europe, Romania is a land of castles, buildings dating back to medieval times and small villages where people still rive their horse and cart and live their lives in much the same way as they did hundreds of years ago. The historic architecture is still quite visible in the cities, in spite of the fact that they contain many modern amenities.

Romanian Attractions

If you decide to start your travel of Romania in Bucharest, you will find that this city holds a wealth of attractions. In addition, just outside the city, there are small towns and villages that are a delight to visit.

City of Bucharest

This Capital City was founded by Dracula.Bucharest was devasted of much of its former beauty during the Communist regime, The City is now rebuilding its grand streets and buildings. In spite of this, there are many tourist attractions and historic cites for you to visit. The Arcul de Triumf is a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and is a monument to those Romanians killed in the First World War. The magnificent interior of the Romanian Atheneum is a sight to behold with its four monumental staircases and six columns. You can visit the ruins of Dracula's palace at Curtea Veche and right next door you can visit the Princely Church, the oldest church in the city. See where the leader of the Communist Party gave his final speech before he fled the country and rest in the shade of the trees at Piata Unirii, where there are beautiful mosaic fountains.


Located in the Prahova Valley only a few hours north of Bucharest, Sinaia is a scene of wondrous mountain beauty. Here you will find the Peles Castle, built in the late 1800?s and contains 160 rooms. This was the summer palace of the Romanian kings. The furnishings in the palace will give you a small glimpse into the past glory of Romania. Take a walk through the fir forests and visit an ancient monastery. This area is also the site of a ski resort and during the summer the cross-country trails are perfect for nature walks.

Travel to and within Romania

There are international airports in Bucharest, Timisoara and Constanta serving airlines from all over the world.You can rent a car when you get to Romania, but gas is really expensive. There are 15 domestic airports, so you won't have any difficulty flying from one major destination to another. There are trains that cover almost all of the country and while they are old and shabby, the train tickets are not expensive. One-third of these are electric trains. The timetables are posted on large overhead boards, but you can also buy a book containing the schedules of all the trains in the country. A first class ticket means you will have a cabin for six, so you could have to share the space with local people or other travelers. In the cities, such as Bucharest there are buses and taxis that will take you wherever you want to go.

Romanian Language

Romanian is the official language of the country, but many of the older people speak French. Since most of the young people are learning English, you will be able to find someone that speaks your language and will be only too glad to help you.


Romanian Food and Drink

The traditional drink in Romania is a wine made from plums, called tuica. There are also many delectable wines produced in this country and you can actually feel the smooth taste on your tongue. Cabbage rolls come from Romania and here you will get the authentic version. Pork is very popular in all kinds of dishes and most of the time, it is better if you don?t know what part of the pig it came from. Just enjoy the great taste.

Shopping and Safety

You do have to be careful when you eat any food in Romania. Since most of it is produced naturally, visitors may be prone to bacteria and develop stomach problems. Drink only bottled water and since milk is scarce, you should bring your own powdered creamer for your tea and coffee. If you like candy, it is best if you bring some with you. The local people love the candy that comes from other countries and is often payment enough for helping you out. You should have a typhoid vaccination before you come to Romania and while you are here you should not swim in the lakes and rivers. If you are stopped by a police officer and asked for identification, you do need to ensure that this person is actually a police officer. This could be a way of stealing your documents and identity, so you should never hand your identification over to anyone.

Shopping is very haphazard in Romania, even in the large cities. It is best if you bring your own toiletries with you because you may not be able to purchase them here. You may be able to buy some handicrafts and in the cities, you can shop for clothing, but there is not really much of a selection of luxury items.

Romanian Entertainment

In Bucharest, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can spend an enjoyable evening. Listen to the Romanian songs and learn some of the traditional dances. If you prefer the theatre, this city also has numerous theatres and cinemas. During the year, there is a exciting round up of folk festivals in Romania. While the ones in the large cities are well known, just about every village has a festival or two, but these are not publicized all that well. June is the month of the Fundata Fair, organized so shepherds can meet their future wives, August is the occasion of the Medieval Days Fair and in September the Sambra oiler marks the sheep coming down from the mountains. Most of the festivals reflect the rural nature of this country.

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