Portugal Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

If you are looking for a place where you can have a luxury vacation and enjoy warm temperatures, then Portugal is the country for you. As the Gateway to Europe, you will find sophisticated beach resorts, numerous traces of a medieval history and scenery that is beyond compare. With sunshine all year round and the blue ocean of the Atlantic, you can explore the delights of Lisbon or the beaches of Algarve. Take a hot air balloon ride to get a different perspective of the city you visit, hike in the mountains or take a horseback riding trip. There are former castles that have been transformed into hotels, as well as castles that you can visit and step back into the past. Admire the azulejos, the decorative tiles that adorn most of the buildings in this country. Visit such places as Reid?s Palace overlooking Madeira Bay or Lapa Palace in Lisbon.

City of Lisbon.

Start in theCapital, the City of Lisbon.There are so many different places and attractions that the  only way to find out about all of them is to see them for yourself. With seven regions of the country to choose from, each of these will offer you unique opportunities.

Porta e Norde

As one of the northern regions, the Druoro Valley is a World Heritage site. Visit the Gaia wine cellars and learn how the fine wines are made. Enjoy the annual festival at Pinhaq, where the unmarried girls go looking for husbands. Experience the charm of the traditional Portuguese manor houses with their grand architecture dating back hundreds of years. With many golf courses to choose from, the avid golfer will feel right at home. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking and biking and you can take a boat trip down one of the rivers to get a fantastic view of the scenery.


Portugal is a country of mountains and nowhere is this more evident that in the Beiras region. Enjoy the glacial lakes, the spring waters of a spa and a wealth of outdoor activities. Visit the Serra da Estrela National park or go paragliding in Linhares. Serra da Lousa and Serra do Acor have luzurious natural swimming pools and nothing beats the peace and quiet of the footpaths of Serra do Caramulo. Visit Coimbra, the oldest university in the country and learn of the fierce battles that were once fought in this country when you visit the historic villages of Guarda and Viseu. Visit the Border Castles and hear the ancient stories of the heroic deeds and enjoy the medieval atmosphere of the walled town of Trancoso. From the impressive architecture of the city buildings to the quiet pace of life in the rural areas, a visit to this country is thrilling from start to finish.

Travel to and within Portugal

You can fly to Portugal with one of many airlines that land in the airports of the country. There are shuttle buses at the airport to take you to your hotel. You can also drive into the country from one of the neighboring countries and you can also travel to this country by rail on the Euro Rail.

There are domestic flights from Lisbon to other airports in the country and there is a fine network of trains travelling throughout the country. You can travel by bus from one destination to another and in the cities, you can use taxis to take you where you want to go. You can also rent a car and enjoy the country by getting to see many of the out of the way places that few tourists visit.

Language in Portugal

The official language of this country is Portuguese. If you speak some Spanish, you will be able to understand some of the language. English is not widely spoken outside of the major tourist areas. Some helpful words include:

  • Sim, Yes
  • Nao, No
  • Obrigado, Thank you
  • Adeus, Goodbye
  • Ola, Hello
  • Bilhete, Ticket
  • Onde este,? Where is ?

 Shopping and Safety in Portugal

There are no health risks associated with visiting Portugal, nor are there any threats of terrorist activity. You can feel reasonably safe when travelling to this country, but you do have to use common sense and not put yourself into a potentially harmful situation.

Shopping in Portugal gives you the chance to purchase such exquisite beauties as gold filigree jewellery fine wines, embroidered fabrics and unique handicrafts. There are shopping malls galore where you can only gaze around you at the ornate decorative touches. Shop at open air markets, where the vendors expect you to bargain, or get exclusive attention at the specialty boutiques. Many of the items are a little cheaper here than they are in other parts of Europe and you can find goods from all over the world.

Portugal Entertainment

Portugal is known for its nightclubs, bars and restaurants and in the larger cities, you can take your pick. There are so many to visit that you would need a long vacation just to get to all of what you will find in one city. In addition, there are many concert halls and places for theatrical performances, which you will enjoy if you understand the language.

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