Monaco Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Although Monaco is a small country, it is the playground of the elite. Therefore you can enjoy a luxurious vacation when you choose to visit this country. You do need to bring formal clothes with you for this vacation because many of the nightly entertainment are black tie affairs. Enjoy the topless beaches of Monte Carlo and the thrill of the casino. Here you just might glimpse several famous people from all over the world. Although the swimming is not the best, you do have fantastic surroundings for people watching and working on your tan. Take in exquisite gardens and enjoy views of France and Italy as you stroll along.M

Many of the attractions in Monaco have been around for hundreds of years, such as the Palais du Prince. Fifteen of its rooms, including the Throne Room, are open to the public and although this palace is not as elegant as some others you will see in Europe, you should include it on your itinerary. This is the location of one of the largest aquariums in the world and the Monte Carlo Casino, the granddaddy of all gambling casinos in the world.

Jardin Exotique

There are 7000 varieties of cacti in this exotic garden as well as caves where you can see stalagmites and stalactites. This is also the location of the Prehistoric Anthropology Museum, where you can learn about the development of the human race with the wealth of artifacts that all come from this area.

Musee National de Monaco

The National Museum of Monaco is jam packed with all kinds of delights. It is not a typical museum because it concentrates on dolls. See the Barbie and Ken dolls that Princess Caroline once owned and a gigantic 18th century nativity scene.

Travel to and within Monaco

You can take a bus from just about anywhere in France to Monaco, but if you prefer travelling by train the trip from Nice only takes 20 minutes. You can also take a helicopter from the Nice airport to take you to Monaco.

There is a bus system in Monaco that you can use to get to all the major tourist spots in the country. It stops running at 9 p.m. and after that you will need to take a taxi. However, you can stroll all around this country in a day, so you may not need to arrange any transportation at all.

Language in Monaco

There are four languages spoken in Monaco ? French, English, Italian and Monegasque.

 Monaco Food and Drink

Because people visit Monaco from all over the world the restaurants cater to the rich and famous, you can enjoy just about any type of cuisine you wish when you visit this country.

Safety and Shopping

This country is really safe for tourists. You just have to use common sense like you would when travelling at home. There is a relatively low rate of crime, but there are pickpockets at the tourist spots so you just have to be careful when you are in a crowded location.

Whether you are shopping for designer clothing, jewellery or souvenirs of your visit, the stores of Monaco have everything you need. There are specialty boutiques where you will be waited on hand and foot and in some instances a class of champagne while models parade in front of you wearing the designs you like. This is one shopping trip you won?t soon forget.

Entertainment in Monaco

You have a wide variety of options when you want to enjoy the nightlife in Monaco. From the casino to the bars and nightclubs, the entertainment is of the highest quality. Enjoy ballet or opera, dance the night away at a disco or take in a concert at the Prince?s Palace.

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