Moldova Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Don't expect to see any seaside resorts when you choose Moldova for your next luxury vacation. This small country is landlocked and was once part of the former Soviet Union. It is a country rich in scenery and with the rich farmland and forested slopes, you will find many wineries in this country. This country does not yet have a fully developed tourist industry, but there are many attractions that will delight and inspire you with their beauty and historical significance.


City of Chisinau

The capital of the country, Chisinau, dates back to 1470. The History and Regional Lore Museum has many exhibits that will help you learn about the history of this country. At the Fine Arts Museum, there are many examples of painting and sculptures from all over Europe. Visit Pushkin House, where this famous poet spent his days in exile. At the cemeteries you will see headstones dating back through the centuries and there are bathing beaches along the man-made lake.

Benderi and Cahul

This is the oldest town in the country and has a 17th century fortress, while the spas of Cahul are reputed to have healing properties.

Travel to and within Moldova

You can fly to Moldova on one of the charter airlines that fly to this country from destinations in France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania and Turkey. There are also daily trains from the Ukraine and Bucharest. You can drive into Moldova, but because of the unrest in the border areas, it is not advisable.

Trains run daily to most parts of the country and if you wish to drive around, the best practice is to hire a car with an English speaking driver. Even though there are lots of buses, they are generally overcrowded.

Language in Moldova

Russian is the most widely spoken language, but you will also find people that speak Bulgarian and Ukrainian. Because Moldova was basically cut off from the western world while under Soviet rule, there are not many people here who can speak English. In the tourist areas and with many taxis, there are people who can speak some English.

 Moldova Food and Drink

Try out some of the local food such as mititeyi, small sausages grilled with pepper and onion and mamaliga, thick, sticky maize pie. If you try the tocana (pork stew) you should try it with apples and sweet and sour watermelons. There are more than 100 different wines produced in this country, ranging from fruity reds to dry whites.

Safety and Shopping in Moldova

The threat to tourists travelling in most of this country is low. There may be some petty crime in Chisinau, but if you plan to travel to Transnistria, you do have to be very careful. You should also drink bottled water because there is a risk of hepatitis in the rural areas.

The larger stores are open from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. while some of the smaller stores open at 9 and close at 5. Tourists like to buy the vividly colored costumes, handmade carpets and the local wine of the country. The open air market in the large centers are the best places to buy just about anything you want as souvenirs of Moldova.

Entertainment in Moldova

There are theatres and concert halls in Chisinau. The productions at such places as Eminescu Music and Drama Theater and the Youth Theater Luceafarul are all in Russian. This city also has a symphony orchestra, an internationally renowned folk choir as well as a puppet theatre.

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