Macadonia Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Located in the heart of the Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia is a country of mountains. It was formerly part of Yugoslavia and is actually one of three historical areas within the total area called Macedonia. Because most of what is referred to as Macedonia is in Greece, the UN calls this particular country the Republic of Macedonia.

Attractions in Macadonia

City of Skopje

Due to an damage from an earthquake, there are not many old structures left in this city. It is a modern city with lots of things for visitors to see and do. The Old Town is an attractive place to visit with its many shops and restaurants. The intricate carvings of the screens for hanging icons in the Church of the Holy Savior are very impressive and you will marvel at the talents of the creator. Visit the Kursumli and the Suli An in this section of the city, both of which date back to the 16th century. There are also several mosques here dating back to the time of the Ottoman Empire and you can walk the footbridge that crosses the Vardar River.


The town of Ohrid is located on Lake Ohrid and is one of the prettiest towns in the country. The walls of the fortress built in the 10th and 11th centuries are still intact and are now the setting for all kinds of concerts and plays during the summer months. There are also many ancient churches here as well as homes that back to the early centuries. You will surely step back in time when you take a walk through Ohrid.

Travel to and within the Republic of Macedonia

The international airport in Skopje sees flights landing from European cities every day. An non-stop flight from London takes about 3 hours. There are daily trains from Belgrade in Serbia and Thessaloniki, in Greece. There are international buses from many cities as well.

There are buses and trains that operate within the country. Buses travel between Skopje and Ohrid on a regular basis, but for travelling long distances by bus, you have to make reservations in advance.

Language in Macedonia

The official language of the Republic of Macedonia is Macedonian, but ethnic minorities also speak Albanian, Turkish and Serbo-Croat. English, French and German are also widely used.


Food and Drink in Macedonia

The cuisine in this country is very similar to that of Greece and Turkey. You can get a variety of kebabs and moussaka is very popular. This is a dish made with aubergines and potatoes baked with layers of minced meat. Beans in a skillet and trout from Lake Ohrid are national specialties.

Safety and Shopping in Macedonia

It is not safe enough in the northern regions of the country for tourists. There is still a lot of political strife in this region, so it is best to avoid going there. Throughout the rest of the country, tourists are reasonably safe as long as they use common sense.

The stores are open from 8 A.M. until 8 P.M. from Monday to Friday and all the stores close at 3 P.M. on Saturday. You can buy a wide variety of items and at the markets the vendors do expect you to bargain.

Entertainment in Macedonia

There are nightclubs and bars in the larger cities, as well as concerts during the summer. You can sit and enjoy the music or spend all night dancing in some of the locations geared toward tourists.

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