Luxembourg Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Attractions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be a small European country, but it will certainly provide you with the vacation of a lifetime when you choose to visit. This is one country where you can truly say you will have a luxury vacation. It is a role model in the world of international finance and has a high standard of living that is the envy of most other European nations. With a fairy tale like setting, you will truly feel as if you are in the lap of luxury as you visit the tranquil hamlets and spend your nights in medieval villas.

Enjoy the fabulous skiing and hiking in the North and tour the wine region of the Moselle Valley. When you visit this country, you can stay in Luxembourg City, which is only a few hours away from any part of the country.

Luxembourg City

Located on a rocky outcrop called the Bock, Luxembourg City offers a commanding view of the surrounding countryside. The casements of the fortress provide a labyrinth of passageways allowing to get a glimpse of the past history of the fortress that once formed the basis of this city. These extend for miles under ground and were used as bomb shelters in the Second World War. The scene before you from the Chemin de la Cornishe is one of extreme beauty and the Grund is a picture postcard setting for the older part of the city. It is very easy to cover every part of the city on foot, which allows you to stop whenever you wish to take a closer look.


The castle in this village is a popular tourist destination with its many exhibits, such as the Family of Man collection of Edward Steichen. This village dates back to the 9th century and also features the turreted Benedictine monastery in the forests above. From here you can see the chairlift that climbs the mountain from April to October and you can also visit the former home of Victor Hugo.

Travel to and within Luxembourg

The international airport, just outside Luxembourg City, sees flights landing from many European cities every day. You can use Euro-Rail passes on the Luxembourg train system and buses and trains connect this country with most major destinations in Europe. You can drive into Luxembourg through one of the major highways from points in Brussels, France and Germany. A ferry also travels to this country from Germany during the summer months.

There is a good network of buses within Luxembourg and although there are trains, they do not cover a lot of the country. You can rent a car and drive yourself wherever you wish to go on the large network of roads. The gas prices here are the cheapest in Europe, but renting a car is quite expensive.

Languages in Luxembourg

The main language is Luxembourgish, but French and German are widely spoken, Due to the many international businesses here. a large majority of the people also speak English.


Food and Drink in Luxembourg

The food and drink of Luxembourg combine elements of Belgian, French and German cuisine. The traditional foods include smoked pork with baked beans, jellied suckling pig, and the famous smoked Ardennes Ham. Trout, pike and crayfish are the most popular seafood and for desert, you just have to try the tarte aux quetsches or the desserts made with liquours.

You can get tea and coffee and when you taste the wines from Luxembourg, you will surely want to take some home with you.

Safety and Shopping

Although terrorist incidents are rare in this country, all foreign visitors should use caution when they are out at night. The crime rate is very low, but visitors should be on the alert when they are in areas where there are a lot of people. You need to be careful of your belongings because, like other countries, there are pickpockets.

There are two main shopping centers in Luxembourg, the Oberstadt and the Understadt. The Oberstadt features specialty leather stores, fashion boutiques, jewellery stores and designer shoe stores. There are also many fashion boutiques in the Understadt area, but there are also many electronic stores and photo shops.

Entertainment in Luxembourg

There is not a lot of nightlife in Luxembourg. What does exist is located in the Grund section of Luxembourg City where there are a few bars. Most of the people here eat late night meals at the restaurants and enjoy the company of their friends.

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