Lithuania Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Attractions in Lithuania

The most vibrant of all the Baltic countries, Lithuania will provide you with a vacation to remember. The people are very outgoing and although the country is only small, there are many exciting places for you to visit. Enjoy cross-country skiing and tobogganing in the winter. This is one of the best countries to visit if you enjoy bird watching and you can enjoy spectacular fishing experiences all year round. Spring and summer are the best times to visit this country because during the winter there are only a few hours of daylight for you to get to see the sights.

Experience the eerie feeling when you visit the Hill of Crosses, where you will see thousands of crosses of every shape and form. The curative properties of the mineral springs in Druskininkai attract thousands of visitors and Palanga is a thriving seaside resort during the summer.

City of Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and has an international ambiance. It was once an important Jewish city and was the site of dramatic historical events when Soviet troops tried to overtake the city in 1991. Cathedral Square is a large open space with an impressive cathedral at one end. In the Old Town, there are numerous courtyards to explore. Visit the Vilnius University, the old Jewish Quarters and take in the sights of the President?s Palace. The Museum of the Genocide of the Lithuanian People is located in the former Gestapo Building and KGB headquarters where you will get a personal tour with guides who were once former inmates.


If you want to experience the true Lithuania, then you have to visit the small town of Trakai. This was once the capital of the country and it is set in a scenic area with many lakes and islands. The wooden houses date to the time of the Karasites ? a Judaist sect that adhered to the Law of Moses and who came to this country in the 1400?s. There is a small museum here that will give you information about this religion and there is an early 19th century prayer house.

Travel to and within Lithuania

There are many flights from major European cities to Vilnius and Kaunas, There are also buses that travel from neighboring countries, but they are not very comfortable. The Berlin-St. Petersburg train also passes through Vilnius and a direct train comes from Warsaw.

Buses and trains travel all over the country and with the good roads you can also rent a car so you can get to all the little places that are off the beaten track.

Language in Lithuania

The main languages are Lithuanian, Polish and Russian, but in the cities there are many people who speak English as well.


Food and Drink in lithuania

Potatoes, dairy products and dumplings are the main ingredients in most Lithuanian dishes. Pancakes, porridge and soup are also very popular. Some of the traditional dishes of this country include Kastinis, which is a soup containing butter and sour cream and Zeppelin, which is made of mashed potatoes, stuffed with meat and then fried. There are also many restaurants serving International foods as well as Chinese cuisine.

Vodka is a very popular alcoholic beverage, as are the many liqueurs, such as Palanga, Dainava and Sokoladinis.

Safety and Shopping in Lithuania

This country is reasonably safe for tourists as long as you exercise common sense and take precautions with your documents and valuables.

The avid shopper will really love the shopping experience in Lithuania. There are department stores, markets and antique stores in every town and city. Some of the things that tourists like to shop for here amber jewellery and Lithuanian wood carvings.

Entertainment in Lithuania

The nightlife in Lithuania is really vibrant. The people here like to party and with the many bars and nightclubs, you won't have any trouble getting in on the action. You can also sit at one of the many outdoor cafes and watch the sights or take in a soothing concert.

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