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 When you go to Italy, you will be visiting a country where there is more artistic and cultural heritage than any other part of the world. All roads lead to Rome. There are thousands of historic cites and more than 3000 museums where you can see where civilization began. Depending on the part of the country you visit, such as southern Italy, you will see vestiges of the Greek culture, but for the most part Italy represents the Roman culture. See the many sites where you can get a glimpse of the ancient Etruscan population and the traces of the Imperial Roman period.

Attractions in Italy

When you visit Italy, you have to visit the Forum, the Coliseum and the ruins of Pompeii. Sail through the streets of Venice in a gondola and visit the impressive cathedrals of Rome. See the dome of St. Peter and the paintings of the Sistine Chapel. Traverse the small towns and villages of Sicily and the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. There are 20 regions in the country, each one with its distinctive culture for you to experience.


The Abruzzo region of Italy abounds in parks because more than 20% of the land is designated as protected areas. Here you will find the Abruzzo National Park, the Gran Sasso and the Majella National Park, just to name a few. Calderone is the most southern glacier in Europe and the village of Rocca di Cambria is located at the highest altitude in the country. Fossa is the Stonehenge of Italy located in the Subequana Valley and dates back to the 7th century. San Demetrio ne?Vestini is a must see on a visit to this region with its underground stream filled with all kinds of geological formations.


This region of Italy is located between the heel and the toe of the boot. As a mainly agricultural area, you will see many farms and vineyards here. You should visit the Grancia Rural and Environmental History Park, where you can see the Fittipaldi Castle in Brindisi di Montagna, with its reconstructions of the life and work of the peasant bandit, Carmine Crocco. This region is home to many castles, cathedrals and churches, archaeological sites and Benedictine abbeys that have stood the test of time.

Travel to and within Italy

All the major airlines have flights to the major Italian cities. You can also travel by rail from European destinations, take a luxury Mediterranean cruise or even drive there from a neighboring country.

You can rent a car and travel your way around the country. This way you get to see all the back roads and travel off the beaten path to places that few tourists visit. You should also be aware of the fact that Italy has the highest rate of automobile accidents in the world because of the excessive speeds. However, you can also travel by air because there are small and large Italian airports and airlines. There are promotional deals for traveling within the country as well. For example, if you are under 26, you can get a Green Card that gives you a 20% discount off the cost of your travel plus the admissions to many parks and events.
Language in Italy

Italian is the official language of the country. Some of the key phrases that are helpful for tourists include: Avete une stanza libera? -- Do you have any vacancies? Ho prenotato une stanza -- I have a reservation. Salve -- Hello Buon Giorno -- Good Morning Come Sta? -- How are you?

Italian Food and Drink

Some of the delicious foods you can enjoy when in Italy include thick soups as appetizers, rich pasta sauces and lighter foods such as tagliolini in a creamy lemon sauce. Try the crunchy mixed fried meats, which when you combine them with a mix of vegetables, you have a meal fit for a king. Pappa del pomodoro is a delicious dish made with fresh tomatoes, basil and spicy day-old bread. Many of the dishes also have some form of pasta and you haven?t tasted pizza until you?ve had one in Italy.

Wine with meals is a tradition in Italy. You can choose many of the delicious wines from the local region or from around the country. The portions of food that you get in the restaurants are huge because Italians do love to eat.


Safety and Shopping in Italy

Although Italy is quite safe for tourists, you do have to be careful if you are in the less travelled parts of the country. You need to exercise common sense, just as you would at home and watch out for suspicious behavior. Keep your car doors locked when you stop at traffic lights because robberies of purses and valuables are on the rise in these locations. When you are shopping at the street markets, keep you money and valuables out of sight ? stashed beneath at least one layer of clothing.

The stores in Italy are open from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. and then they close for lunch, which can last for several hours. The stores reopen at about 3:30 or 4:00 and stay open until about 7 or 7:30. These hours do vary according to the region because in the northern part of the country, the lunch break is shorter. The prices for the clothing are generally cheap and you get good quality goods. You can claim a rebate for the taxes provided you spend more than 155 Euro in the same store on the same day. 

All the cities, towns and villages have street markets where will find a unique selection of gifts and souvenirs. All customers are expected to bargain for the lowest price

Entertainment in Italy

There are many fantastic opera houses and theatres where you can take in a concert or a theatrical performance. The people of Italy like to take things easy, so you may find the nightlife a little tame as compared to other European cities. A typical night out usually involves a long dinner that doesn?t even start until about 9 P.M. and can last until well after midnight. Bars in the center of the towns are the best places to see large crowds of people and many of them have outside tables where you can enjoy the refreshing air. There are also many Irish and Scottish pubs where you can have a drink and enjoy toe-tapping music.

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