Hungary Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 A country rich is history and beauty, Hungary offers the ultimate in a luxury vacation. Enjoy the waters of Lake Balaton, where you can take part in a party atmosphere. Taste the fine wines of the country en experience the idyllic peace of the unspoiled natural beauty. Take a fishing trip with a fishermen in one of the small fishing villages or relax in the healing waters of the Heviz thermal baths. Spend your time in the large cities or get to know the real heart of the country in the rural towns and villages.

Hungary Attractions

Explore the regions if Hungary and immerse yourself into one of the ancient cultures of the world. Visit places that you only saw as pictures in books and imagine yourself as one of the lords or peasants living here in medieval times.


Known as the "Paris of Central Europe", Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Located along the Danube River, it is a city with many parks and tree-lined streets. Visit the Budapest History Museum and trace the 2000 years of history of this country. Some of the main tourist attractions include the Danube itself, Castle Hill, the National Opera House and the Fine Arts Museum. Here you will find magnificent examples of architecture, a wealth of museums and luxury hotels that will put those in other countries to shame. Across the river is the twin city of Buda, which is older and amore medieval city. Visit the Buda Castle, which was built in the 13th century to ward off a Mongul invasion. Here you will also find several museums where you will find loads of information about the cities and the country.


This is perhaps the most photographed village in Hungary, located in the Eger-Tokaj Hilly Wine Region. Here you will see white-washed houses, each with their own cellars. Visit the village museum, complete with the village church, where you can see the residents dressed in period costume going about their daily lives. This will give you an authentic picture of what life used to be like in this isolated region. Visit Hooloko Castle as well as other villages in this region of the country where there is always something new around every turn in the road.

Travel to and within Hungary

Most airlines have direct flights from European and North American cities to Budapest, Hungary. You can reach just about any part of the country by train or bus from Budapest. There are ferries on the Danube and the Tisza Rivers as well as on Lake Balaton. You can also rent a car and armed with a good map, you will not have any problem driving yourself to all the sites you want to visit.

Language of Hungary

Hungarian is the official language of the country and unless you have some idea of how the letters sound, you will have a hard time pronouncing the words. Although it may seem easy to read a word, it may not sound the way it should.

Food and Drink in Hungary

Hungarian food is usually very spicy and deep fried food is quite common. Paprika is the national spice, so you can expect to find it in just about every dish. Goulash is a traditional dish, as is chicken in paprika sauce. Goose is also a traditional meat and you will find stuffed vegetables of every variety.

Wine is very popular due to the wine regions of the country. Palinka is a strong brandy like liquor and unicum is a strong beverage made from over 40 different herbs. Only the bravest pf tourists offer to try this drink. Coffee is widely available as is tea, but the tea comes from tea bags, rather than being steeped.

Shopping and Safety

You have to be on the lookout for pickpockets when visiting Hungary as well as overpriced goods in the tourist areas. You should refrain from drinking the water and stick to bottled water. Other than these cautions, you should be reasonable safe when travelling throughout this country. Although it is considered rude to check your hotel bill, it is advisable to do so anyway.

Shopping in Hungary is a truly unique experience. This is something completely new to this country, so shoppers have to bring their own bags. You may find an item in a store one day and when it is sold, you might never see it again, so if something piques your interest, you can?t take a chance on its being there if you decide to wait. Stores close just after lunch on Saturday and remain closed until Monday morning. There are open-air booths where vendors expect you to haggle over the prices and for souvenirs and leather goods, your best bet is to shop at a store in the tourist areas.

Entertainment in Hangary

The large cities of Hungary have a variety of bars and nightclubs where you will truly be entertained. Whether you join in the dancing or prefer to watch, you can certainly learn some new steps to teach your friends when you return home. Enjoy food and drink in small restaurants or just walk along the streets taking in the sights and sounds.

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