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 Germany is a European countries with sixteen states, each of which is a world all its own. With great cities, cozy villages and breathtaking beauty, you can explore the specific attractions of each state. Discover the culinary delights of a country that has something for everyone. Experience a cruise down the Rhine, the cultural heritage of Berlin or go skiing in the Alps. Tour the site of the Berlin Wall and travel through towns and cities steeped in history. No matter what time of the year you visit, you will find festivals of every variety as the German people love to celebrate.

Germany is an ancient nation full of historic sites, buildings and monuments. Walk in the footsteps of ancient kings and emperors and gaze in awe at the architectural structures that dominate some of the cities. For example, the 381-foot tower of the cathedral in Frielburg is a masterpiece of the Gothic style of architecture. Stay in the monastery where Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation and explore the medieval towns and markets.


Travel back in time when you visit Augsburg with 2000 years of history within its walls. Stop at the famous Augustusbrunnen Fountain, built in honor of a Roman Emperor from whom the city gets its name. The Kramerbrucke, also called the Merchant?s Bridge, in Erfurt, dates back to 1325 and in Heidelberg, you can visit a castle and immerse yourself in the Old World charm of the city. There are so many attractions in every part of Germany that you just have to visit to see them for yourself.


The capital of Germany ? Berlin ? has a wealth of cultural and historic sites in store for you to make your visit a memorable one. With three opera houses and more than 150 theatres you will not have any difficulty finding entertainment to soothe your soul. If browsing through history in museums is your passion, Berlin has over 170 of them. Visit the Egyptian Museum where you will see the bust of Nefertiti or the Painting Gallery with paintings by famous artists that date back to the 13th century. Enjoy the exquisite shopping at the legendary Kaufhaus des Westens - the largest department store in Europe.


Frankfurt is the junction of Europe with the easy access to all other points on the European continent. When you visit this city, you will be standing in the place where the ancient German Kings were elected and the emperors were crowned in the Imperial Cathedral. Visit the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the eleven museums along the banks of the Main. From March until October you can see about 3000 skaters on the streets in a weekly event, Visit the famous designer boutiques at Goethestrasse and see the porcelain designers at work when you drop in at the Höchste Porzellanmanufaktur. Taste the Green Sauce for which Frankfurt is famous and the apple wine, the favorite drink in the city.

Travel To Germany

Travelling to Germany is easy whichever mode of transportation you choose. There are non-stop air flights from major cities in North America and Europe to the international airports in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf. If you prefer rail service, high speed trains travel to Germany from all major destinations in Europe. You won?t have any problem driving to this country either, especially if you want to experience the thrill of driving on the Autobahn. You can also see the sights of Germany by taking a luxury cruise to all the major ports of call.

Travel Within Germany

High speed trains connect all the major cities in Germany making it easy for visitors to get to see all parts of the country. You can also take various tours, such as a romantic river cruise, an eco-tour package or a sports tour of the country to take in all the major sporting events.

Food and Drinks

If you want to taste the traditional food of Germany, you have to try a baked apple and the legendary German sausage. There are many different regional cuisines in this country and what is considered to be traditional food varies from one region to another. The areas around the Black Forest and the Rhein are famous for their ?Badener Schneckensuppe?; snail chowder smothered with herbs and of course, Black Forest Cake. In another area of the country, you might like to sample the ?Schwaebische Kasespaetzle? ? small dumplings with cheese and butter on top. The southern states favor a vanilla flavoured dessert made with wine called ?Welfenspeise?. You can?t leave Germany without tasting the delectable wines and beers. The favorite drink is called beer, but in fact it is a summer drink made with raspberry syrup. If you are looking for alcoholic beverages, then Germany is the master of them all with the many breweries and wineries. Lager beer or alt is popular in the bars and restaurants and you might try a Donnerbock, which contains 13% alcohol.


The main language of Germany is German, which is closely related to the English language. In the larger cities and in the major tourist destinations, there are people who can speak English.


There is a low security risk for visitors travelling to Germany. While the borders with other countries are open, there have not been any terrorist incidents in this country. You do have to take the normal safety considerations here, just as you would at home and avoid being out alone at night and staying clear of any areas where there are public demonstrations.


Experience the thrill of shopping in exclusive designer stores in all the major cities of Germany. For the ultimate in Christmas shopping, Kathe Wohlfahrt's in Rothenburg is a unique experience. The stores of Luxembourg are noted for their cheap prices for quality goods. The stores in Germany are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning until 8 at night. However, at the airports and trains stations there are a wealth of stores that are open 24 hours a day. Just about every neighborhood has kiosks where you can shop after hours, but the selection is limited.


You are in for the time of your life in whatever part of Germany you wish to visit. Sit in a small pub or take in the wild action of a nightclub with live entertainment. Even the smallest village has a pub where you can get a good meal as well as a drink. The numerous dance clubs in the large cities let you dance the night away in elegant surroundings.

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