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 If you like to visit countries where things are a little rustic and you want to experience something out of the ordinary, the Republic of Georgia might be what you are looking for. Here you will find friendly people, but you just have to be very careful not to display any money or jewellery. This is a country of mineral springs and mountains, with 300 of its 1900 km. border being by the Black Sea.


Take excursions to see natural caves, experience the curative properties of a mineral spa and see the last surviving statue of Stalin and his birthplace in Gori. These are just some of the delights facing you when you decide to travel to the Republic of Georgia.


The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is a scenic location on the banks of the Mtkvari River and surrounded by hills. Here you will see stone houses lining narrow streets and numerous frescoed churches. The Sioni Cathedral dates back to the 6th century. The 19th century homes feature open galleries on the upper floors and there are many cafes and stores selling souvenirs. Browse the exhibits of icons, frescoes and porcelain in the Georgian State Museum and an impressive collection of jewellery discovered in the pre-Christian tombs. The Narikala Fortress dates back to the 4th century Persians and visitors to this city can still enjoy a sulphur bath in a 19th century bath house.


Located just 20 km, south of Tblinisi, Mtskheta is a World Heritage Site. According to local legend, fragments of Jesus?s crucifixion robe are kept inside the 15th century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and there are many fine tombs to see here as well. The Samtevo Monastery dates back to the 11th century and is famous as the burial place of the first Christian king of the country.

Travel to Georgia

You can fly into the international airport in Tblinisi from many destinations in Europe. Batumi, Poti and Sukhumi are ports on the Black Sea with ferries connecting to Istanbul, Odessa, Sochi and Trabzon. You can also travel to this country by rail and by road using the Georgian Military Highway.

Travel Within Georgia

There are many rail lines operating within the country as well as domestic flights to the smaller airports. Within the city of Tblinisi, there are modes of public transportation, such as buses cable cars and a small subway system.


The official language of the country is Georgian, There are few people here who can speak English, so you will need to arrange for an interpreter.


Food and Drink

Walnuts are often used in soups and sauces and any dishes with the word satsivi is served as a rich sauce flavoured with herbs, garlic, eggs and walnuts. They also have a predominant place in desserts. Roast suckling pig is often served and chicken is usually grilled. Both red and white wine are produced in the country in fruity and dry varieties.


Georgia is not a very safe country to visit. There are two separate factions vying for control of the country and tensions flared up between them in 2004. Tourists are not advised to travel to the parts of the country that are under the control of the separatists. US and Western governments have restricted access to this part of the country and therefore are limited in the amount of help they can offer tourists who do get into trouble inside the area. Crime is very high in Georgia, as well. Westerners, especially those from the US, are perceived as being wealthy and are therefore prime targets.


The tourist shops sell all kinds of Georgian art as well as distinctive embroidery, ceramics and jewellery. While you can buy antique rugs, you will have to pay a high export tax. Tourists can use Euro or US dollars in the stores or exchange the money for the Georgian Lari.


The main focus of nightly entertainment is in the international hotels. You may also take in a production by the Georgian State Dancers and the Rustaveli Georgian Drama Theater is renowned for its Shakespeare productions.

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