Finland Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Visit one of the Nordic countries when you plan your next vacation. Finland is a large country with a small population, so there is plenty of unspoiled land for you to explore. Visitors will find that the welcome mat is out all year round in the cities and villages and the friendly people are always willing to help you whenever they can.

Enjoy the delights of sleeping in the snow at the Laino Snow Hotel, located between the ski resorts of Yllas and Levi. If you wish you can also experience the thrill of staying in a igloo or in a luxurious ski resort where the slopes are waiting for you. Whether you want to fish, hike, tour historic sites or play a round of golf, Finland has everything you need for the vacation of a lifetime.


There are six main regions in Finland and each one offers a wealth of unique opportunities for visitors. Visit the Amethyst Mine in Lapland, the Archipelago of Kotka in Southern Finland or the museum on Aholansaari Island in the Lakeland region.


Experience the northern charm of the country with a stop in Helsinki. Most of the people speak excellent English, so you won?t find any language barrier. If you like to shop, you will be thrilled with the numerous stores where you can buy goods unique to Finland or from all over the world. The best way to experience this city is on foot with a walking tour. You can take a ferry bus to Suomenlinna Island for a breathtaking view of the harbor, visit a fortress and relax in the beauty of the exquisite parks and gardens that this city holds. See the statue of Czar Alexander 11 in front of the impressive Russian Orthodox Cathedral and take the elevator to the tower of the Olympic Stadium to get a commanding view of the city. There are many museums to visit, but you will spend a lot of time gazing in wonder at the spectacular scenery.


The Market Hall in Turku is one that delights all tourists to this city. Here you will get a sense of the true spirit of Finland and the thrill of a train café. Turku Castle dates back to the 13th century and it has a Renaissance floor dating back to the 16th century. Here you will find the Historical Museum with changing exhibits as well as permanent ones. As the oldest city in Finland, there are many traces of its medieval heritage. It is also the home of the largest university in the country and the River Aura running through the city adds a touch of charm to a picturesque setting.

Travel to Finland

You can travel to this country by land or see. The airport of Helsinki is only a three hour flight from Paris or London and there are ferries that travel to Finland from parts of the United Kingdom as well as the other Nordic countries.

Travel Within Finland

There is an excellent network of roads in Finland as well as a good transportation system. You can take the bus to major destinations or rent a car to see the country at your own pace. The coach route travels about 90% of the roads in the country, with about 40,000 bus departures on a daily basis. With 24 airports in the country, there are many domestic airlines allowing you to get quickly from one city to another. Take a tour of the country by cruising the lakes or by travelling the network of trains that crisscross the country. You won?t have any difficulty finding some mode of transportation to take you where you want to go.


Although the official language is Finnish, most of the people, especially those in the larger centers speak perfect English.

Food and Drink

Reindeer meat is usually the specialty in Finland. Fish is also a popular food and with the abundance of wild berries growing in the forests, you won?t have any problem tasting them in the desserts or even picking them yourself while you are walking. Potato forms part of almost every meal. Traditional Finnish meals include mammi and kalakukko, which are dishes of fish wrapped in crusts of bread.

Finnish vodka is known all over the world and coffee is a main part of every social event.


Visitors from most countries of the world, especially North America, do not need a travel Visa to stay in Finland for up to 90 days. They do need to have a valid passport for the extent of the stay.


There are no travel warnings for visitors to Finland. This country is safe for tourists, but you do still have to exercise common sense when travelling in a foreign country.


The many malls and small stores will provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience. Some of the Finnish specialties that tourists like to buy include glass and porcelain, handwoven ryijy rugs, furs and textiles. Stroll through some of the markets to purchase unique Finnish crafts and jewellery and you can purchase elegant furs and textiles in the specialty boutiques.


All the large cities have many nightclubs and bars where you will be thoroughly entertained. There are also various festivals held throughout the year as well as concerts and plays.

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