Denmark Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 With more than 7000 km of coastline, Denmark offers a wealth of opportunities for every visitor to enjoy what this country has to offer. There are many charming old towns where you can visit historic buildings and sites and at the same time, Denmark offers countless opportunities to enjoy a luxury vacation at the beach. With the many lakes, fjords and streams, you will not have any problem enjoying spectacular fishing, boating, canoeing or kayaking. With magnificent castles, museums of all kinds and festivals galore, you can?t help but be thrilled by an adventure in Denmark.

With 12 regions in this country, you can be assured that you won?t be bored with so many sites to explore. Immerse yourself in the Danish culture and get to know the true heart of the country in its people.


With castles, churches and palaces that date back hundreds of years, you will be delighted with the sights and sounds of Copenhagen. These historic buildings attest to the rich and varied history of the country in a city where the entire center is filled with charm and grace. You can spend the day walking the colourful pattern of streets and alleys and shop at the pedestrian mall that surrounds the Old City. Here you will find a wealth of specialty stores, restaurants and cafes.

Visit the Amalienborg Palace, which is where the Danish Royal family resides, take a tour of Christiansborg, the home of the Danish Parliament, the Borsen, which is the old stock exchange building and the Rosenborg Castle. Just north of the city you can visit other towns where there are castles and palaces, such as Kronborg in Elsinore and Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod. The scenery is breathtaking with the gently rolling hills and old villages that have stood the test of time.


Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and is the music capital of the country. The Concert Hall is the setting for operatic and theatrical performances as well as concerts of all kinds of music. This location also contains art galleries and restaurants. One of the annual festivals in this city is the annual Aarhus Festival held in September. It is a full week of all kinds of dance, music and theatre performances. Visit Old Town, where you will see authentic Danish houses dating back to the 16th century all set in a beautiful park.

Travel to Denmark

You have many options to choose from when you decide to visit Denmark. There are ferries from the United Kingdom and the other Scandinavian countries, as well as rail connections from cities in continental Europe. The International airport in Copenhagen serves many airlines landing from all over the world on a daily basis. If you wish you can also drive into this country from one of the neighboring countries.

Travel Within Denmark

The roads in Denmark are of the highest quality whether you choose to drive into the country or rent a car once you arrive. All the major cities are connected by rail service and domestic flights depart from Copenhagen to the ten other airports in the country. In addition, there are ferries that travel to the many small islands making it possible for you to see all that there is to see.


Danish is the official language of the country. Some of the key phrases that you might find helpful include:

  • Ja - yes
  • Nei - no
  • Tak - thank you
  • Vaer sa venlig - you?re welcome
  • Undskyld - Excuse me
  • Goddag - Hello

Food and Drink

Open faced sandwiches are very popular snacks in the Danish restaurants. You can get a tasty hot dog from a street vendor and the world famous Danish pastries are a must for every meal. Breakfast consists of coffee or tea and rye or white bread with cheese or jam. Meat, usually pork, and fish served with a variety of vegetables is the traditional main meal in Denmark. It is called middag, because it used to be served at noon rather than in the evening. The traditional drink in this country is called Akvavit, which is a high proof alcohol made from potatoes, but it is always herbed. You can also get different kinds of beer and fruit wines are very popular.


Every visitor to Denmark requires a Visa as well as a passport valid for three months from the date of entry. All visas cost between £15 and £33 depending on the type of Visa and the length of time you plan to stay in the country.


Denmark is a safe destination for travellers. There are not travel advisories or warnings, but you do have to use common sense when travelling throughout the country, just as you would at home.


Stores usually open about 9 or 10 A.M and remain open until about 6 P.M. from Monday to Saturday. On Friday nights, they stay open until about 7:30 or 8:00. The larger towns and cities have shopping malls and specialty stores where you can purchase handmade silver, mink coats, art glassware and other products for which Denmark is famous.


All of the major cities have many bars and nightclubs, as well as concert halls where you can enjoy the music and culture of this country. No matter what kind of taste you have in music, you will find it in Denmark.

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