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 Once hailed as the vacation spot of the world when it was part of Yougoslavia, Croatia is once again regaining its position as the destination of choice for visitors looking for the beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Now that the period of unrest is over, tourists are once again flocking to this country to enjoy the medieval atmosphere of its small villages, some of the finest Roman ruins in the world and festivals and carnivals all year long. If you are looking for a time when the beaches are not very crowded, the best time to visit Croatia is in May, June and September. From October to April, the weather is a little cooler, but if you don?t like the high temperatures of the summer, then this might be the right time for you to visit.


No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you will see amazing sights that you will find hard to believe. The major cities of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Rovinj are on just about every visitor itinerary, but you can also travel off the beaten track to Rab Island, the vineyards of Korcula or the ruins of the ancient city of Solin.


Dating back to medieval times, there is plenty of evidence of this medieval history in Zagreb. It was not too badly damaged during the Civil War and some of the museums are not open as they want to include exhibits regarding this period of modern history. The 13th century frescoes of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary are surely a sight to behold as are the church pews that date back to the Renaissance and the marble altars. For a sweeping view of the city, visit the Lotrscak Tower or take in one of the art shows at the Galerija Klovicevi Dvori. If you are interested in art, the Art Pavillion hosts contemporary art exhibits and the Strossmayer Gallery has an impressive collection of paintings by the masters. Some of the museums that you can visit in this city include the Archaeological Museum, with its collection of prehistoric and medieval artifacts as well as Egyptian mummies. Learn about the history of the country at the Historical Museum of Croatia and visit Mirogoj, a cemetery with impressive mausoleums.


This is a city that is at least 1300 years old and the old part of the town is one where the former riches of this country are really evident. Streets paved in marble, steep cobblestoned hills and a wide range of buildings and houses all built from the same color of stone make an impressive sight. Visit a Franciscan pharmacy, the Rector?s Palace, which was built in the 1400?s, and walk the city walls, which date back hundreds of years. A visit to this city will give you a glimpse into a different lifestyle and with the many city beaches you can soak up the rays of the sun. Take a ferry to Lokrum Island where you will see the ruins of a Benedictine monastery and if you feel adventurous, this island boasts a nudist beach.

Travel to Croatia

The international airport just outside of Zagreb has daily flight landing from the major cities of all the countries in Europe. There are also buses that connect to Zagreb from cities in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and Brussels. Trains travel to Croatia and if you prefer you can also take a ferry Greece or Italy. If you prefer to drive to Croatia, there are border crossings four border crossings from the neighboring countries.

This country is a true paradise if you like boating activities of all types. Just about every resort on the coast has a dive center, where you can rent equipment, take a diving excursion or even scuba diving lessons. The national parks in the country give you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best rock climbing and hiking activities in the world.

Travel Within Croatia

There are domestic airports that connect with the airport in Zagreb and there is a large network of buses that travel to all parts of the country. You can also take the train when you want to get around Croatia, but this mode of transportation is a little slow. You can rent a car in one of the larger cities and if you want to travel to the islands of the Adriatic, there are regular ferries to these destinations.


There are four official languages due to the ethnic diversity of the country?s population ? Croatian, Serbian, Italian and Slovene. Most of the young people so speak English and will be glad to help you in any way they can.


You do need a valid passport to enter Croatia, but with this you can stay for a three-month period.

Food and Drink

The beer in Croatia is of premium quality. Try the Tuborg, which is one of the beers brewed in Zagreb and the Dingac (red wine) from Dalmatia will tickle your taste buds. The restaurants serve all kinds of food that you are used to eating at home and there are fast food outlets serving burgers and French fries. In the coastal areas, seafood is usually the specialty of the house. Every season of the year has a special food, such as pork on New Year? Day, a fried sweet dish called hrostule is very popular in the southern part of the country and spit-roasted lamb and suckling pig is one of the favorite dishes.


It is safe for all visitors in Croatia. You can walk around the towns and cities at night and not feel threatened in any way. However, as with any foreign country, you do have to use your common sense. All the food in the restaurants is safe to eat because of the high standards of cleanliness and you can also drink the water in this country.


Just about every large town and every city in Croatia has a wealth of stores where you can buy designer clothing at half the price you would pay at home. You will be able to recognize the daily markets quite easily because of the canopies of red parasols where you can buy just about anything you want. Visitors like to buy then reed bags and the wooden toys to take back home as souvenirs.


The resort towns along the Adriatic are booming when the sun goes down. There are many bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy any kind of music. It is very different hearing your favorite songs sung in a different language and you can also hear English tunes as well. Beach Zrce has three amazing clubs located in a factory, which is just one example of the exciting entertainment. In the cities, there are also many bars and clubs, but you can also take in a concert or a theatrical performance.

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