Bulgaria Luxury Travel Vacation guide

Enjoy a relatively cheap luxury vacation when you choose to visit Bulgaria. Even though you may see the people in the small villages riding donkeys and growing their own vegetables, modernization is coming to this country, which you can see in the TV satellites outside the small homes. Experience the best coffee in Europe, dramatic scenery, and numerous historic sites that will give you a fascinating look at the culture of this country. With its temperate climate, any time of the year is the perfect time to visit. If you enjoy skiing, December through April is the best time for this activity, but September offers the perfect hiking temperatures. Enjoy fantastic beaches and many cultural events.


You don?t have to be skilled at mountain climbing to scale Muscala Peak when you come to Bulgaria. Explore the caves of the Stara Plaine range, the open air museum in Koprivshtitsa or the tiny fishing villages along the coast.


Walk the yellow brick road of Sofia as you explore the sights of this city. Many of the buildings are relatively new due to extensive bombings during World War 11, but there are still many impressive architectural sites. Visit the church of St Petka Samardjiiska, which dates back to the 14th century with its beautiful frescoes. The National Museum of History will fulfill your curiosity about Bulgaria and the Alexander Nevski Church is a tribute to the hundreds of thousands who died during the fight for independence. Mt. Vitosha is a popular ski resort where you can ski the slopes in winter or take a chairlift in summer to get the view of your life.

Rila Mountains

Hiking is at its best in the Rila Mountains and it is here you can climb the highest peak in the Balkans ? Muscala Peak. Explore the Rila Monastery, which dates back to the 15th century. Only a clock tower remains of the original church. The newer structure is magnificent with 1200 frescoes lining its three great domes. There are many museums in this area focusing on all sectors of its history and culture. Browse exhibits of traditional Bulgarian clothing and antique household tools. Walk through the cave where legend has it you can only pass through the hole in the roof if you ware without sin.

Travel to Bulgaria

Balkan Airlines travels from some North American and Asian cities as well as major cities in Europe. However, the service is unreliable. Buses and trains offer the best modes of transportation to this country coming from many of the neighboring countries. You can drive into Bulgaria, but you have to pay a road tax when you enter this way and there is a regular car ferry from Romania to Vidin.

Travel Within Bulgaria

There is an extensive network of buses and trains travelling to all parts of the country. However, you do have to be patient as there are frequent delays and cancellations.


The official language of the country is Bulgarian and minorities speak Romanian and Tuscan. There are many English speaking people in the larger centers.


You do need a tourist visa in addition to a valid passport to enter Bulgaria, with which you can stay for a period of three months. A single-entry visa usually costs about £34 or $60 US dollars.

Food and Drink

The basic foods in Bulgaria include beans, milk, cheese, potatoes and vegetables of all kinds. Bread is present at every meal and there is a tradition of greeting visitors with bread and salt. The frequent meat specialties include kebapcheta ? minced meat rolls, shish kabob ? grilled neat served on skewers, and tarator ? cold summer soup. The coffee is exceptional and you can have it in abundance. The wines of this country are famous for their exceptional quality.


If you buy any fruits or vegetables at the market, make sure you wash them well before you eat them. The water is safe to drink, but you can buy bottled water. The country is safe for tourists, but you do have to be careful of your documents and belongings wherever you are.


There are many market stalls in the cities, towns and villages. Many of the stores in the tourist destinations are a lot more expensive for shoppers than those in the smaller areas. At these markets, the vendors expect you to barter for the price, so you know that the price you se is not what you will eventually pay.


With the many specialized pubs, you can taste the beers and wines from this country. There are many nightclubs offering live entertainment and dance floors and if you prefer something a little quieter, you can take in concerts of all kinds. February 14 is the wine growers festival where you can sample the fine wines from all over the country.



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