Bosnia and Herzegovina Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

 Bosnia, Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful mountainous country with many scenic vistas. Most of the towns and cities show evidence of years of war with shell torn buildings and burned out cars and trucks on the sides of the road. It would be in bad taste to ask questions about the war, but otherwise you will find the people friendly and helpful. It is emerging from the ruins of war and everywhere you look you can see the toll it has taken on the country.


Enjoy fantastic skiing and hiking in the mountains. There are resorts here where you can enjoy a luxury vacation. If you choose to visit the towns and cities, just strolling the streets is an experience all its own.

City of Mostar

Visit the Stari Bridge in this city, which was originally built by the Sultan in the 16th century. This bridge was blown up in 1993, but it is now open to foot traffic. It is a symbol of the horrors of war. The Old Town Kujundziluk is a car free part of the city where the streets are lined with delightful Turkish shops and cafes. There are also vendors selling carpets and handicrafts of all kinds. See the Moresque elements of the Old Gymasaium, which dates back to 1898 and visit the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul. You can see the bell tower of this monastery from almost anywhere in the city. Visit the Turkish House, which is over 300 years old. Here you will get a fascinating look at life in the past. This home does not have any electricity or a telephone. You can sip tea with the owner and hear the stories of the Ottoman Empire. At Medjugorje , just 15 km. south of Mostar, the Blessed Virgin is still appearing to children and the beauty of the area is something you shouldn?t miss.

City of Sarajevo

Drive up the hills of Sarajevo to get a stunning view of the city. Here you can visit the City Museum to learn all about the history of the city and the country. Take in the sights of the historical monuments and buildings that date back to the old Turkish and Austrian cultures. Within one kilometre, you can visit a Catholic church, a mosque and a Serbian Orthodox church. The sights of the mountain make for great photo opportunities. As you immerse yourself in the culture of the city, you will gain a new appreciation for this little known part of the world.

Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can drive to this country, but unless you have a specific reason for doing so it is best to fly into Sarajevo. Many flights from European cities land here on a daily basis. If you do drive into the country, European insurance does not cover you so you will have to purchase expensive insurance at the border.

Travel within Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you rent a car or bring your own, stick to the main roads. There are still land mines in some of the rural areas.


The main language is Serbian, but there are also English, Turkish and German speaking people here. Since the peacekeepers are mainly from English speaking countries, these are the people you should look to for help if you run into difficulty.


You do not need a travel visa for this country for stays less than 3 months. However, you do need a valid passport to cover the length of your stay.

Food and Drink

You can get just about any food you want in the larger centers and it is reasonably priced. Beer is the main alcoholic drink


Even though the political unrest ended in this country in 1995, there are still places where it is unsafe. The side roads still contain land mines and it is advisable to travel only during the daylight hours. It is quite common for people to shoot at passing cars in the night. The Muslim Croat area is quite safe for tourists and most tourists stay in this area, rather than venture into the mainly Serbian areas.


The shopping malls in the large cities rival any of those in any European city. At the markets you can shop for Turkish carpets and when you barter for the price, you can walk away with a real gem at a fantastic deal.


With an exciting nightlife of bars and nightclubs, as well as many venues for concerts and festivals, you will not be bored when the sun goes down.



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