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City of Brussels 

Brussels houses the European Parliament. When you choose Belgium as your vacation destination, you will find the people warm and friendly making your visit there very enjoyable. Enjoy the awe-inspiring architecture of the buildings along cobblestone streets. Belgium sits between France and Holland and offers many of the best features of Europe, often being called the "Essence of Europe". Here you can take part in many different kinds of adventures, such as a cruise down a Bruges canal, hunt for diamonds in Antwerp or visit a castle on Namur. Experience cities with a medieval flavor or a land crisscrossed by canals.

Belgium Attractions

No matter what part of Belgium you choose to visit, you will be overwhelmed by the wealth of things to see and do. Antwerp, for example, has numerous museums and is the home of the largest diamond showroom in the world. Visit the Interactive Diamond Museum where you can learn about diamond production and everything in between until it reaches the final product. See the collection of art dating back to the Middle Ages when you visit the Mayer Van den Bergh Museum and a very diverse collection of fashion when you browse the collection at the MOMU (Fashion Museum).

See the collection of ancient tools in Bastogne, the Beguinages ? walled miniature cities unique to Belguim at Bruges and experience the ultimate thrill when you visit the Castles of Ghent.

Travel to Belgium

All the major airlines offer connections to Belgium. If you are already in Europe, you can use the Eurorail to travel to your selected destinations and you can also drive into the country.

Travel Within Belgium

Within the country, you can choose to take a variety of tours for specific destinations. These include escorted coach tours, cruise and barge tours or even themed tours of various locations. You can rent your own car or choose to travel the length and breadth of the country by rail or bus. There is a dense train network within the country which makes it very easy for visitors to get around.

Food and Drink

If you are looking for traditional food when you visit Belgium, some of the favorites you can ask for include:

  • Frites - French Fries. If you prefer to add mayonnaise to your fries, then you have the most popular form of this food.
  • Waterzooi - a stew of fish or meat served with vegetables and herbs.
  • Carbonnades - meat cooked with brown beer.
Of course, you do have to try the many different flavors of the legendary Belgian chocolate.

There are many different forms of Belgian beer available, such as Lambic Ale, Trappis Ale, Abbey Ale, Sour Ale and the list goes on. Some of the best beers are still created by Monks from medieval recipes.

Belgium has Two Languages

In the Flanders area of Belgium, the people mostly speak Dutch. In the southern region of Wallonia, French is the official language while in the East near the border with Germany, German is the language of choice. In spite of this, English seems to be the fourth official language because it is widely spoken throughout the country, especially in Brussels and Flanders.


Belgium is one of the safest countries in Europe for travelers. There are no warnings concerning terrorists or about eating foods or drinking the water. Just exercise the same caution and common sense as you would in your home city and you won?t have any problems.


Belgium offers a world of unique shopping opportunities. You can shop for Belgian lace or diamonds in both large and small centers. From open-air flea markets to exquisite shopping centers, you will find what you are looking for and more besides. There is something here for every taste and budget. Shop for the designs of Duane von Furstenburg, whose exclusive designs are shown all over the world, as just one of the examples of what Belgium has to offer to shoppers.

Belgium Entertainment

With bars, clubs and pubs, you will not be lacking in nightly entertainment in any of the Belgian cities that you visit. If the club scene is not for you and you prefer something a little quieter, the Belgium is the culture capital of the world. Take in an opera, a concert by the symphony or simply sit at the tables of one of the many outdoor cafes and marvel at the pace of life.

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