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 Belarus Attractions

As the shortest route between Moscow and Poland, Belarus offers a haunting beauty in its large stretched of unspoiled land. There are small villages with houses made of wood and large cities with attractions and amenities of all kinds. You won't be overrun by crowds because this country is sort of off the beaten path, yet for those that do visit, it offers a one of a kind vacation. Experience Solidarity Day on the 16th of every month when the lights in the homes go out at 8 p.m. and candles appear in the windows. There is no specific tourist season in Belarus, but the winters are bitterly cold. Summers are warm and wet but spring and late summer provide wonderful temperatures so you can get out and about.


Take luxurious walks along deep mountain paths or explore the beauty of the cities. The many historical and cultural artifacts reflect this country?s stormy past and there are still plenty of castles left in this country. Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish churches are still well preserved and offer an exciting look at the opulence that was once part of Belarus.

City of Minsk

Since this city was virtually destroyed in the Second World War, just about all the buildings date to about 1947. It is a prime example of Soviet planning on a grand scale. Praspekt Skaryny is a large promenade and government buildings surround Independence Square. Here you can also see the Polish Catholic Church of St. Simon. A visit to the Belarus National Museum of History and Culture will take you on a fascinating journey through the country's history and at the Belarusian State Art Museum there is an impressive collection of art dating back to the 17th century. If you want to know more about this countrys obsession with war, a visit to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War you will see images of the devastation and horror of World War 11. A rebuilt neighborhood to the east of the city will give you a glimpse of what this city used to be like.

City of Brest

A busy railroad town, Brest is right in the middle of the country and almost equidistant from Russia and Poland. One of the must-sees on a visit to this city is the Brest Fortress. Although only the ruins remain, you will hear mournful music, gunfire and Soviet statues to remind you of its tumultuous history. The partly ruined Nikolaivsky Church is one of the oldest churches in this area. You can also visit the St. Nikolaivshy Church, which is more than 200 years old and contains many Orthodox aesthetics. The St. Simon Orthodox Cathedral dates back to the 17th century and the Bereste Archaeological Museum is built on the site of the excavated ruins of a 13th century artists? colony.

Travel to Belarus

International flights land every day at the airport in Minsk and there are international bus lines travelling to and from the neighboring countries. You can also drive into the country with 10 different border crossings, and trains come into Belarus from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Ukraine.

Travel Within Belarus

Although there are advertised domestic flights to airports throughout the country, this is not a reliable method of travel because quite often the flights are cancelled due to fuel restrictions. There are frequent trains between the major cities and although there are buses, they are often dirty and overcrowded. You can also rent a car or drive your own vehicle, but you may find it hard to get the gas you need. The best thing is to choose one destination and stay in one place rather than travel around the country.

Belarus Language

Belarussian and Russian are the official languages. It may be difficult to find someone that speaks English because of the scarcity of tourists to this area.

 Belarus Food and Drink

Some of the traditional foods of Belarus include draniki ? potato pancakes with sour cream, klecki, ground potatoes stuffed with meat, borsch, potato soup and machanka z blinami, meat cakes with a white sauce. Here you can taste true cottage cheese, but the bread is usually sour black rye bread.

Safety and Shopping

Belarus is a reasonably safe place for tourists. One thing that travel advisories will tell you is that you should avoid men in suits and short haircuts because they are usually on the lookout for tourists that are not careful with their documents. Belarus offers a wide variety of shopping experiences from small markets to large shopping malls. The vendors at the outdoor markets expect you to bargain, so you should never pay the first price you hear.

Belarus Entertainment

The larger cities do have bars and nightclubs, but for the most part the main form of entertainment is folk music concerts as well as concerts by choirs and chamber music groups. The music in the clubs is usually Soviet rock music in the Russian language.

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