Azerbaijan Luxury Travel and Vacation Guide

Visit a country in Europe that borders Iran. You will feel as if you are visiting Asia because you will see many characteristics of Asian culture in this country. Located on the Caspian Sea, you have access to many resorts and further inland, this is a country of mountains where there is fantastic winter activities. The weather in the winter is bitterly cold, so if this is the time of year when you choose to visit, you must dress warmly. There are seven major regions in this country that holds the nickname of the "Land of the Arts".


With 9 different climate zones, Azerbaijan offers a multitude of experiences for its visitors. With 12 natural reserves, unlimited opportunities for fishing and unlimited opportunities for bird watchers, this is one vacation that will make memories.

Baku City

This is a city of museums, with about 117 of them. It will take you most of your vacation to visit them all, but the beauty of each one is something that you have to see to believe. You can learn all about the history of the country and its people, see fine paintings by the masters and learn about the exquisite carpets that come from this region. Concert halls abound, as do restaurants and bars. This is a tourist-oriented city with friendly people. Stroll through the streets of the old section of the city and try to get a glimpse of what life was like her hundreds of years ago with the many old buildings that date back through the centuries.


Visit an ancient village high in the Causcasian Mountains when you choose Xinaliq. Here you can experience some of the best backpacking and hiking in the world. This is beautiful and unique village that has an eternal flame marking it as a Zoroastrian holy site. You can also take a trip into the mountains and stay a guesthouse. This village is only two hours from Baku City and makes for an exciting day trip.

Travel to Azerbaijan

There are regular flights from most European cities to Baku City so there is no difficulty flying to this country. Although you can drive here, it is not recommended because of ethnic and political tensions in some of the neighboring countries.

Travel Within Azerbaijan

You won't have any problems renting a car to drive when you visit Azerbaijan. This is an excellent way to get to see the country, but there are also taxis, buses and trains that travel throughout the country. There are also some small domestic airports offering flights within the country.

Azerbaijan Language

Azeri is the official language of the country, but due to the increase in the oil industry around the Caspian Sea, there are many English-speaking people in this area.


Azerbaijan Food and Drink

The national specialty is called plov, which is a spicy concoction made with pine nuts, vegetables and dried fruit. There are also many restaurants where you can get international cuisine, but a common sight wherever you go is the tea house, where the men sit for hours drinking sweet black tea from tiny glasses. There are more than 30 different kinds of soups and salad is served as part of the main meal.

Safety and Shopping

It is recommended that tourists stay away from the western region of the country because of the armed clashes that often occur near the border with Armenia. It is also better to stay away from any protests or demonstrations because these often turn violent. The tourist areas of the country have many luxury goods that visitors are eager to buy ? colourful costumes of the country, exotic handmade carpets and other handicrafts unique to Azerbaijan. Locally produced silk and ceramics are some of the other items popular with tourists. The prices are reasonable and the Euro is widely accepted. The store hours are from 9 A.m. to 8 P.M. Monday to Saturday.


Baku City is the source of nightlife and entertainment, with many restaurants, bars and nightclubs catering to tourists and business people. Outside of this city, however, you won?t find much nightlife.

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