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A country of hot summers and cold winters, Armenia shares a border with Azerbaijan. This country is completely landlocked with many mountains and very little forest. The fast flowing rivers provide excellent opportunities for rafting and the hiking in the mountains is some of the best in the world. Unfortunately, the tourism in this country is not well developed, although there are many different tours you can take. It has been proposed that Armenia was actually the site of the Garden of Eden and it is here that the human race first began.

City of Yerevan

The National Art Gallery in Yerevan holds more than 16,000 works of art dating back to the 16th century. Some of the other museums in this city include the Children's Picture Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Martiros Saryan Museum, which houses the works of this Russian -American painter. There are many archaeological sites to explore dating back to the beginning of time. All of these sites are only a few hours outside the city and you can see them in their unspoiled state.

Travel to and within Armenia

The safest route for travel to Armenia is to fly into the Capital City of Yerevan. There are domestic flights to the 16 small airports in the country. There are also buses and trains that travel all over the country. You can also rent a car so that you can see the sights on your own, but you have to be careful when traveling at night.

Language in Armenia

The official language of the country is Armenian, but due to the large ethnic population there are many different languages spoken here. In some of the areas where tourists usually visit, you can find people that speak English.

Food and Drink in Armenia

As a guest in this country, you will probably be treated to a social gathering where dish after dish is presented. The food is well seasoned, yet not really spicy and as long as you keep cleaning off your plate the host or hostess will keep refilling it.

Shopping and Safety in Armenia

 The market in Yerevan is a lively place where you can buy just about anything. Antiques, Armenian lace, handicrafts of all kinds and Armenian gold are the things that most tourists like to buy.

Tourists are advised to steer clear of the border area because this is often the site of armed clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This country is also the transit point for the movement of illicit drugs from Southwest Asia to Russia and parts of western Europe. You do have to exercise common sense when you are traveling.

Entertainment in Armenia

Take in a concert by the symphony or attend an opera. These events are just as popular as the bars and nightclubs, so it wont be difficult to find a wide range of nightly entertainment.


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